Monday, June 29, 2009

"ce n'est pas de la tarte"

i read this blog called chocolate and zucchini and while it's supposed to be about food, most of the time it's filled with quaint french idiomatic expressions like "ce n'est pas de la tarte" which pretty much seems to be the opposite of our american expression, "it's a piece of cake." i like it a lot better and have decided to incorporate it into my everyday speech. example A of a situation that "ce n'est pas de la tarte" literally just happened to me. as the intern (well technically i just got promoted woo but a story for a different day) my workspace is in the same room with the call center girls. these 3 girls provide an endless amount of entertainment and with them, there is literally never a dull moment. the call center manager as she calls herself (i honestly think she just claimed the title; it was never actually given to her) is possibly the most dramatic person i know whose favorite word is "heated." she gets heated about something every 10 minutes.

anyway, she went on her break and came back 10 minutes early to be herded into the conference room. i walked by (inconspicuously grabbing a soda of course) 3 minutes later and my boss is standing with his arms crossed while she is in her seat, awfully calm for conference room level drama. eventually through a series of texts between the other call center girls, it becomes clear that the "manager" has decided to quit! out of nowhere! the office is topsy-turvy right now dealing with the fall-out and yours truly is currently the only person (untrained at that) manning the phones. i've already significantly screwed up once dealing with holds and transfers. these phones are different from the ones at my other job. ce n'est pas de la tarte!

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