Monday, June 29, 2009

cry over spilt milk

walking to work this morning, i was crossing 3rd avenue at 50th st when my heart broke for a catering delivery man. he was pushing a trolley laden with 2 milk crates each full of cardboard quarts of milk when one of the wheels got caught on a bump on the road. before he could react, the entire trolley tipped over, dumping all of its contents with a splat! in the middle of 3rd avenue. of course the light was about turn green and the columns of taxi cabs were eagerly revving their engines. the look on this poor man's face was absolutely devastating. a grown man on the verge of tears because a huge chunk of his paycheck just spilled in a new york city street is the fastest way to down my morning glory due to the first phenomenal weekday we've had yet. Pretty much everybody on the street slowed down to look at the disaster and as i passed him, i kind of considered helping, but didn't really know what to do (as if it was rocket science).

One businessman in his full suit immediately bent down and started grabbing the cartons off of the street and putting that back into the crate which left me with the depressing thought of the day. what is it about me that always assumes someone else will help? if i were in the deliveryman's boat, i would be incredibly grateful for any outpouring of sympathy and/or aid so why don't i leap at the opportunity to stockpile a few karma points?

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