Wednesday, June 24, 2009

damn it to hell and a handbag

now i can't even use my more clever phrase wordplaying "bad news bears" (which was going to be "good news gorillas." clearly wiser. i mean who doesn't love a gorilla? mighty joe young, anyone? ) i have an notion to take back my sensei comment due to ami stealing my thunder. OR i could forward this blog to Boss and just let fate do its work, but let's be honest, boss would probably eat this shit up.

i'm currently at work trying to find a "playful" font for the new nametags we're printing up. it only took me 2 hours, 1 phone call and 1 email to a technician to figure out how to use a very basic program. this is clearly what dreams are made of. but fo' serious, this is a lot of pressure. obviously it's a salad joint, so we can't take ourselves too seriously, but on the other hand some of these names are crrrrazy and if the font gets out of control, the nametags will just be completely illegible. as it is, i don't think any customer is really going to refer to their salad topper as "Mr. Dish." after playing hooky for 2 days post a best-friend's 48 hour 21st birthday bash, i clearly have important tasks to accomplish to let my employers know i take my work seriously. at this rate i might just go with webdings3.

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