Friday, June 19, 2009

Fuck, He Needs Shoes

Morgan and I are twinsies. Why are we twinsies you may ask? It is because I came here JUST now to write about shoes. We've gotten disgustingly good at being *n sync. (HAH)

Boss and I spent the day delivering shoes to a homeless man-Russell. He sits outside of a gym she used to go to and she became oddly fond of him. The last time she saw him he was wearing a pair of shoes that he had cut apart because they were too small. So she asked him if he'd like a new pair-he requested Timbs. So we got him a pair and delivered them to him. (I'm racking up good karma points!) But yes, Boss is super kind and days like these make me love my job.

Oh, and we walked past a movie theater on our way home from being good citizens and Boss decided we should take work breaks to catch the latest summer hits. Life = sweet.

Also, don't you love the clever title? I'm so wise. (It'll make more sense when you read Morgan's post below mine)

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