Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good News Grasshoppers

HA. I win!

I woke up expecting a new post by Morgan but she has failed us all. She did however just call me "sensei" because I am the wisest of them all. Ever.

I feel like I've been saying Bad News Bears about many of my life situations recently, but really, life is super fun.

Top 5 Reasons My Life is Good News Grasshoppers?
1. We got milkshakes last night
2. I got to see many of mis amigos (which means "my friends"-that's for you, Morgan) this weekend. The pre-med kids came out to play, AND I got to see my home friends. Oh and we got to be classy (well SOME of us were classy, cough) and go to Hudson Terrace.
3. Morgan will be joining my boat soon.
4. I got called a sensei.
5. I'm currently working from home. Which means I just woke up. And I get to work from home tomorrow.

Hm, let's all hope Boss never stumbles across this-that would be Bad News Bears.

Bonus 6. I just wrote out every word of *n sync's Pop, and got the words all right. I couldn't be wiser.

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