Thursday, June 18, 2009

How to of the Day

I don't actually have a useful "How to" to offer right now. But I made an iGoogle page not too long ago and I now spend my day adding cute widgets to it. (Widgets make me feel like a super cool Mac-owner) Anyway, I have a how-to widget and today's how to?

How to Trim Your Cat's Nails.

Vom. It made me chuckle though because I was going to post about the stupid cat I get stuck spending 8 hours with. EVERYDAY. My boss thinks I'm a Cat Whisperer. He sits on my chair with me as if we're best friends for life. And then he walks all over my laptop, hitting keys, getting in my way, ruining life. Then he chews on the power cord as if it's his meal for the day. And my boss just finds this all so adorable.

In other news, I am turtle-sitting this week. I like to think I'm a Turtle-Whisperer. But I've concluded that turtles are WAY better than cats. I would gladly invite the adorbs (thats short for adorable in case you didn't catch that) little turtle to walk over my laptop. He could sit on my chair with me too if he wanted.

I'll leave you with a tidbit of advice from the how-to..
"Do not use nail clippers or scissors made for humans. It splits the cat's nails."

Gross. My advice would be to just get rid of cats. Get a turtle instead.

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