Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hi! Holler! Halo!

Welcome to our first post! Just to clarify, we know unridiculous is not a word. But we make up words a lot, so learn to love it. As our About Us pointed out (if you didn’t read that-go do it now), we have super unridiculous lives.

So why we made this blog? Well Morgan has some saying she keeps spitting out, “Lookin’ fine in Summer ‘09”. I don’t even know. But either way, we know this summer is going to be an adventure and we want to share it all with you! You’ll find us amusing, I’m sure of it. And you’ll fall in love with us within a few posts.

So what should you expect us to post about? Hm, well, we’re way random so you’ll always be in for a fun surprise! And since we both look for ways to kill time at work, you should check often because we’ll be posting a lot.

if i (morgan) had to tell you what my favorite activity was, hands down, without a doubt, it would be laughing. i am always up for a new adventure that will lead to a fun story. this might lead to some poor decision making skills, but i'm okay with that. if i'm not going to make mistakes now, when will i? no regrets right? how many cliches do you think i can fit into one short post...i'm pretty confident i can cram them in. hmm, this sounds an awful lot like a personal ad. oh well.

oh and just a warning, i like ellipses (... for all you non english junkies out there) a lot. you've been warned.

I (Ami) am all about wanting a good life story-so I figure I should write these stories down so I can laugh and laugh about them later on. And they’ll be funny, because I’m pretty much hilarious. And I’m a fireball. Call me that to my face one day. I’ll love you for it. Also, I guess I should throw in a warning, you’ll hear (well really you’ll read) of me saying how hot we are. A LOT. I MAY just love saying “it’s because I’m hot” as much as Morgan loves ellipses.

so there you have it. the inner workings of morgan and ami for the world to read. enjoy!

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  1. weirdo. (that was directed to ami patelly on a bagel, not morgan.) well done you two. I wish this was a tumblr so we can be friends, but I suppose I will continue to read.