Thursday, July 2, 2009

change is hard

just so we don't go crazy with all the wildness that surrounds our Apprentivor Race (awkward? i can't decide) i thought i would make a life changing announcement. i will receive my brand new iphone tomorrow morning at 10:30 a.m. via fedex!!!! this defines a momentous occasion as it is my debut into the technologically savvy phone world. my brother and dad are all about the latest and greatest technology what-have-you and while i typically eventually come around and get whatever is new after they've beta-tested 10 different versions of it. so now it's my turn to get an iphone. a black 16gb 3gs iphone. i have essentially no idea how to use one, other than the fact i've played with, and gotten very frustrated with my dad's, brother's and various friends'.

this also marks the retirement of my dear old razor (or as shalin accurately calls it the "razr.") it's bizarre how attached people get to their phones, and through some odd twist of fate comprised of complete abuse and many a devastating falls, my razor that i got before freshman year of college has now lasted me three years and is still going strong. well, relatively. i mean, the 9 button works every 5th time, the center button is falling off and every 20th or so text, the phone freezes but hey, nobigdeal. everyone else i've ever talked to had absolute disasters with their razors and it seemed for them to be very much a transitory phone. but for me, the razor has gotten me through some crazy times. i'm not really sure how i'll be able to deal with a phone i actually have to take care of while figuring out how to use it. but the prospect of all those cool apps that the commercials completely sucker me into thrills me. how cool is the allstate accident report form? OR the one that takes a pulse? clearly i need both as i drive cars all the time in the city AND i'm in med school. but seriously, any suggestions??

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  1. i'm glad you chose Apprentivor over Surivice because the latter sounds like an STD.