Monday, July 20, 2009

"you were a child"

clearly, life has been a little hectic since our last post.. and by ours i really mean ami's. i can't believe we deprived the readers for 4 days. i'm sure you were all outside enjoying the fantabulous weather this weekend. for all the rain we've been getting (damn you, nebuli for interrupting the ny philharmonic in central park friday night. damn you.) we've also been getting some pretty glorious days that aren't too hot or humid, full of sun and always bring a light breeze of fresh city air. i made the mistake this weekend, just like i always do, of not catching up on my sleep enough. it's one of my biggest pet peeves; going into the week tired, and i always kick myself for doing so. saturday (field day '09! woooo!) was a complete success and i'm sure ami will go into her pedophiliac ways in her post so i won't steal her thunder. but it's hard to drink from 3 pm to 3 am and then suck at napping on sunday.

mostly i couldn't sleep because i was deeply concerned i may have permanently damaged my ears saturday night. we went to a wicked fun place, called pianos (go, all of you!) that sent me right back to europe. the dj (replay ceviche) came on at 2 am and the music was perfect. when they played mgmt the guy next to my left literally held up an invisible mic for me to sing the de de de dede de deeee de part of "kids." hipsters make me laugh so much. pretty much every song got the entire crowd going and, apparently, it was deafeningly loud. i didn't realize that was the case until we left and i couldn't hear. anything. you know the phrase deafeningnly quiet? well, i'm pretty sure this was the case. running to our cab, none of us could hear a word the others were saying soo i'm pretty sure we were screaming. we got home, continued to scream waking up the girl sleeping on the couch i'm sure (sorry!) and passed out. i thought all would be well in the morning, but unfortunately, that was not the case. i still hear a little ringing in my right ear and that's about it. a tad disconcerting, yes, but as dr. ami tells me, it will come back. hopefully.

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