Wednesday, July 1, 2009


maybe the theme of this blog should be "parents say the darnedest things" because my parents continue to shine in that field. last night was trivia and since my dad was in town for another 36 hour business trip (ergo i get to eat good food for free. yay!) i persuaded him (read: peer pressured in front of his colleagues) to join my friends and me at trivia. i got a little nervous as dinner ended at 8:30 and trivia didn't start until around 9 that dad might peace out before the game began but he did not let me down and even brought said colleague with him. i'm pretty sure the clincher was that trivia goes down at a red sox bar, this week during that red sox game we aren't going to discuss.

anyway, during the current events round, dad shone in two fields. in the last few years he has been rocking his pop culture. i'm pretty sure he subscribes to perez hilton's rss newsfeed on his iphone because he is all over that shit. before the trivia guru (john quinn) even finished reading "This talk show co-host is currently being sued over accusations that she plagiarized another author's work in her best-selling diet book," dad announces, "elizabeth hasselback." done and done. one point for team unridiculous (yes, that is what we named our team...we've gotta get this blog out there!) two questions later: "Recently released secret files from the National Archives revealed that in WWII, Britain seriously considered dropping millions of these on German troops as the war neared the end." dad taps me on the shoulder with that grin on his face that just reads, "i really shouldn't be saying this to my daughter, but i'm going to do it anyway and gain cool points at the same time" and asks if i want to hear his guess. i want to hear his guess. any thoughts to what dear ole' dad came up with? (my guess was kamikazes...i guess millions of those would have been a tad over the top.) CONDOMS. i mean, why not right? down on the paper it went.

shockingly, condoms was not in fact the correct answer. what trivia guru was looking for was actually poisoned darts. POISONED DARTS?!? that's the best the british could come up with?!? love it.

though dad and his colleague peaced out after the michael jackson round, team unridiculous held strong, earning 32 points in total. considering last time jason and i went, i'm pretty sure we got 13, i'm feeling very good about our combined brain power at this point. maybe next week we'll break the top 5...

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  1. I have to admit I laughed when I saw the answer "condoms" to the question about the British in WWII. Hope you and your dad enjoyed it last night. I put up a link for you on my blog this morning, under "Other Cool Bloggers." See you next week.