Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crime of the Century

As random as it is, I LOVE getting calls from numbers I don't know. I just find it super thrilling for some reason, even though it's usually just a wrong number. I think this comes from my reckless high school days with Jess because THOSE unknown numbers ALWAYS led to ridiculous adventures. Anyway, today I got a call from some number while I was at work so I obvs googled it since I couldn't answer (THAT would be unprofessional). Well it was the Criminal Investigations Commander from West Orange. I was then a little concerned so I caved and called my voicemail (lets face it, my job just doesn't really require me to be THAT professional).

DRAMZ! Apparently, some girl off in West Orange was trying to comment on her boyfriend's "incident". And he thought I was the girlfriend. I wish it said what the incident was but Officer DID mention that Girl was "getting out of control" and "unnecessary". And it "wasn't the crime of the century" so she should simmer. He didn't actually say simmer, but the rest are all direct quotes. He sounded VERY peeved and annoyed. During lunch I called back to let them know they had the wrong number and the lady insisted I was indeed the girlfriend and that I was trying to back out of commenting. I was standing on the street, practically screaming to this woman that I did NOT have a boyfriend with a criminal background. I'm not THAT badass, LADY. I can only imagine what people standing by me were thinking as I'm trying to explain myself. HAH. Whatevs.

Also, speaking of badass, I'm officially a four-eyes. Picking up my new frames in a week. Womps. My father insists I got completely ripped off for buying expensive frames when the doctor said I'd really just need them for "ya know, driving, going to the movies.." Two things I do ALL the time in the city. SO I guess this means if you ever want to see me in glasses, take me to the movies! (I want to see Paper Hearts)

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  1. OK. I read the first line and thought to myself "oh wow, i LOVE getting random phone calls too!" (twins, obvs.) And I IMMEDIATELY thought of our reckless high school days! aw I'm so happy we actually lived to see graduation.