Thursday, July 23, 2009

cuppycakes- a shout out to ami

i got sent (along with my swankyy rainboots) a martha stewart cupcake cookbook on monday and have been plotting with the roommates all week which batch we would start with. they're fabulous and wonderful. each and every one of them. well at least the pictures make them look that way so we had a tough time deciding which recipe to test out first. we (and by we, i really mean dan and ami battled until a compromise was reached) to try the chocolate chip cupcakes with chocolate and vanilla frosting (someone didn't want chocolate while the other did. you guess who.) it seemed much more intimidating than it actually was considering it involved egg whites whipped to stiff peaks, folding, and flour coated chocolate chips. our oven bakes especially hot too, so i was deeply concerned we were headed into a recipe for disaster. bah.

facing our fears head-on, my assistant ami donned her child's sized dinosaur's apron and a-mixing we went. it got awfully hot in the kitchen, but the 30 cupcakes turned out barely burnt (well, a couple were, but come on, we had 30 aka room to spare) of course martha called for homemade chocolate frosting that i have to say did look divine, but that also meant 4 1/2 extra sticks of butter. with dairy prices the way they are these days? no thank you. duncan hines to the rescue (fun fact: i was reading in my gourmet mag that the largest duncan hines memorabilia exhibit is in bowling green, kentucky. one more reason to road trip and conveniently stop at sonic.)

all in all, the cupcakes were really more muffin like than cake like, but due to our tiny nyc-style apartment (a crowded oven), our limited budget (all-purpose flour instead of cake flour), and our lack of proper baking supplies (no sieve to sift the flour, plastic bowls used to whip the egg whites, a pancake flipper used to fold), it could be completely our fault and not the recipe's at all. i'll give you another shot martha. perhaps we'll try the raspberry cheesecake "cupcakes" next?

true confessions: i ate one of the "muffins" for breakfast this morning. but don't worry, i chose one that was unfrosted.

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  1. I appluad your bootleg cake making supplies and efforts- especially the pancake flipper. Plus i plan to read/steal the book when I see you.
    Love, Cam