Sunday, July 12, 2009

Did You All Miss Me?

Did you all miss me? I know that's not even a real question. OBVIOUSLY you missed me. Luckily Morgan held down the fort and posted often to make up for my absence over the past few days. It's been a whirlwind of a week but I am back in the tri-state area and now have internet access once again, hooray! I act like I went to some foreign land but CLEARLY it was civilized since it had a Sonic. And Sonic was delicious, Morgan, honestly, it was nothing bundt delicious. I also accidentally left the empty bundt container on a desk in the hotel and the fudge STAINED the wood. Arg that Sonic! Also, I had delicious milkshakes at Cheeburger-Cheeburger at JFK on my way out of the city. I highly recommend you grab some the next time you fly out!

Hm, we got home last night and my room was TOTALLY changed. Complete with a larger bed-. I like to think it's because my parents think I'm growing. And my dad also framed some weird photo of a bird above my bed. My room in general just has the strangest assortment of stuff all over so the framed bird wasn't that surprising. My dad has also framed a half-finished marker felt art/butterfly masterpiece for my wall. Oh and my dad ALSO framed a heinous "dog" I once painted in high school and put it in the living room. Trust me, those quotes are necessary. I accidentally made the whiskers way long and it started to look like a cat. The damage was irreversible and the face of the dog is now busted. And the tongue sticks out in a way that makes the dog look mentally-not all there. I've never met anyone who has looked at the painting and not literally laughed out loud. Even when I DON'T try, I provide laughs to all.


  1. BAHA your dad is the best. wasn't there a Gus mask in your kitchen too?

  2. PS. is that your hand in the banner ^^? if so, you DO need a tan.