Thursday, July 16, 2009

Event of the YEAR.

Fun Fact: I understood EVERY word in Morgan's last post. Just because I don't read all the Harry Potter books doesn't mean I don't know that Legilimens are like mind readers, feeling-stealers, if you will. That would be common knowledge.

We are currently in the middle of planning Field Day 2009! It's going to be a GRAND event that will totes rival the Summer Olympics. I'm pretty sure I will be the Michael Phelps of the group. If you are missing it, you are a fool. If you weren't invited, I apologize. Morgan and I are awfully toolish-in the cutest slash funnest way possible-and have planned highly competitive and athletic events with a good mix of drinking. And there is a very impressive prize for the winner that will take us many laborious hours to make. But it'll be worth it. Stuytown won't know what hit it.

Last night we were discussing the most influential people of all time and in that moment, I realized my history knowledge is really sub-par. I was reading Time's 100 list for 2008 just now and WTF. Miley Cyrus made that!? I do think I remember hearing that but honestly, that's unridiculous. I also stumbled upon 100+ portraits of Iconic People of All Time. (
It's a great way to kill the last hour I have left at work and it'll make you wise by the end. I also just decided I need a portrait painted of me. You know, jic. I can really see this blog blowing up and getting added to the most influential list one day. Right above Miley Cyrus. AND LUCKILY, I have canvi and paint waiting for me at home.

Morgan just yelled at me for not posting this yet, so I will allow her to read now and HOPEFULLY she gets the hint that she should paint a portrait of me. And in case she didn't get that until now, she is lucky I just painted it out for her.

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