Tuesday, July 7, 2009

an excercise in creative writing...and extreme boredom

yesterday at work, the afternoon was dragging on at an unbelievably slow pace, so Ami and I decided to write a story. we each wrote one sentence at a time. can you guess who wrote what?

what follows below is the beginning of what i can only hope is our first novel...

There once was a seven foot man who was covered in freckles.But he was stuck living in a village full of average, 5'2 people. And they constantly pointed and laughed at him for not being average, but the man, whose name is maurice tt rodriguez, just thought that they were below average. One day while Maurice was eating lunch in a little cafe, he spotted a young woman and he immediately fell in love. She was only passing by and since he was in the middle of a delicious bite of a black truffle burger, he was seriously concerned about yelling out to her with his mouthful. Being a gentleman, he didn't want to disgust the quaint little woman, so he decided to finish his delicious bite of burger. Tragically, as he stood up, his knees caught on the table (due to them being extra long and the tables being sized to fit the average sized town) causing the entire table, and surrounding tables to flip over with a domino-like suddenness! He stood in embarrassment as the mess unfolded in front of him but his mind was still set on finding the young girl! Meanwhile, a plain jane waitress dashed over to help in anyway that she could, dabbing at the tablecloth to remove the red wine stains and soothing the maurice's bruised ego. As he looked around the crowds of people and overturned tables, he realized his girl was nowhere in sight! He threw a crisp one-hundred dollar bill on the table to cover the cost of his meal and damage and strode through the hedges n the direction he thought his mystery woman had traveled, nearly knocking the plants over in the process. His long legs carried him quickly through the village but mystery woman seemed to have disappeared! Discouraged, Maurice hung his head in disappointment and slowly meandered through the winding cobblestone streets towards his home.

He arrived at his home, still filled with sadness, and ducked into his doorway, prepared to sulk for the rest of the night.
He dug into his pocket for his keys, but just to top off a perfectly awful day, his keys weren't there. He thought about retracing his steps, but his frustration from the day exhausted him so he decided to sleep on his doorstep while he waited for his roommate to get home. Which normally would not have been a big deal, but tonight was the night that his roomate had decided to stay out ALL night, and even though neighbor after neighbor offered to help poor Maurice (who barely fit on the floor as it was sized for average people) he remained determined and had faith that his roommate would return in due time. Finally, at 4 o'clock in the morning, Maurice woke up to a small pat on the leg followed by a loud chuckle as his roommate found him curled up on the floor. With the exclamation "yah dumbb giant!" his relatively midget-sized roomate listened with a smile on his face to poor Maurice's tale. The fireball of a roommate essentially saved Maurice's life by unlocking the door and taking poor Maurice out of the cold while guiding his drowsy body to his giant-size bed. But Maurice, as tired as his not really that big of a body may have been, couldn't sleep with the thought of the mystery beautiful woman on his mind. He laid in bed tossing and turning, wondering if he'd ever find his mystery woman again.

And when the sun finally broke the following morning, maurice decided that his fool-proof plan was to re-enact the previous day in hopes that the woman would walk by the cafe once more.
Pleased with his plan, he skipped along to the cafe, buying flowers on the way in case he found her but as he got to the cafe he spotted a CLOSED sign hanging on the door. The disappointment was nearly too much but just as he was about to walk away, the waitress from the previous day knocked at the window from inside the cafe with an eager look on her face. "Come in!" she exclaimed, unlocking the door," I was hoping you'd return, you left your keys here yesterday!" Relief swept over Maurice as he gloated at the thought of returning home with his keys that day to shove in his roomate's face. The thought of being able to gloat to his roommate made him suddenly turn to rush out of the cafe, and being a large, clumsy giant, he once again knocked over a small table on his way out. The waitress once again lept to help Maurice, and the two of them cleaned up the mess together. The waitress decided to be brave and asked Maurice if he'd like her number to call her sometime and as Maurice pulled out his iPhone to take it, he realized he had no idea how to use his fancy new phone!

to be continued....


  1. So as i was reading the first couple of lines I already had a few assumptions as to who wrote what. My guess is that Ami started the story and Morgan followed. The only reason i think this is because one, the second line makes fun of short people in a way and i don't think Ami would make fun of herself (but i could be wrong) and two the name Maurice tt Rodriguez just clicks as Morgan (again i could be wrong). Anyways, this was a very interesting/entertaining story. I enjoyed it :)

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