Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fam-Filled July

I am sitting at work OVERHEATING right now. It is either because a) I'm an idiot and can't dress myself properly ever and wore a sweater AND jeans today, b) I ran-walked the last 4 blocks so I would get here at 9:13 like usual, c) I'm drinking a hot bev. All I know is this isn't a good way to start my day. But it's okay. Sometimes, really ALL the time, I wish I had Matilda-like powers. If I did, I would magically turn the air on in this room to cure these hotflashes.

I've been overwhelmed recently with the thought of August starting this week. Morgan reminded me last night that July was a pretty family-filled month for me. All of the fun days I missed with her were spent with the fam-which is fine by me, my family is cute. Friday is the brother's (Ross) birthday. So, I need to figure out what to get him even though I'm STILL waiting for an invite to his birthday celebrations. I'm concerned they got lost in the mail.

Hm, I remember back in the day when my brother and my cousin were my biffles. I still can't decide if I was incapable of making friends as a pre-kindergartener (I still had my eye "situation" back then so THAT could have been why), or if they actually enjoyed my company. We were super imaginative children/mini-business people and would open restaurants out of my basement using my Fisher-Price kitchen. When my little German cousin would come to visit we would make him eat the most disgusting assortment of food-like rice krispie treat sandwiches with a delicious ketchup spread. VOM. Our restaurant was called "The Den".

And we also had our own band and we'd perform during family parties. We really meant business and would have people queue at the door early. My brother had a real keyboard, cousin had a guitar and I had a makeshift drumset constructed out of our elephant shaped toy-box. CLEARLY, I looked like an idiot. It is probably why my family thinks I'm the strange one.

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