Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fruit Flies.

Luckily the rain DID go away! Lets all hope the sun decides to hang out more often and the nimbi leave us alone. So last night was Trivia Night, and we unfortunately did not rock as well as last time. Maybe Papa B needs to come back and play with us. But all day yesterday, I kept sharing the tidbit that fruit flies were the first creatures in space-thanks to us Americans. So when the question came up asking what the first creatures in space in 1958 were, I was awfully proud of myself for pulling my weight and offering an answer. And then they read the answers. And the "correct" answer was mice. Devastating.

So I have been researching and fruit flies, were indeed sent to space in 1947. But I guess the whole year thing makes my answer null and void. Womps. Tis okay. I'll get em' next time.

Oh, there is a baby doll lodged into the crossing light on 1st and 16th. I'm going to track how long it lasts there, just for funsies. I wonder what nutzo decided to put it there. Maybe they were under the spell of the solar eclipse! And if you're reading this and in one of the countries that can see it, I am way jealous. And yes, unridiculous is actually internationally known, and locally respected.

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  1. After considering it, 20/20 hindsight says I should have pulled the question about the first animals in space, as it was a bit confusing. I did say "1958" (as that was when the space age began), but my source didn't take into consideration the previous US tests in space.

    The Omnipotent Q promises to do better next time.