Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Belated Fourth of July!

I should begin by wishing you all a happy belated Fourth of July. Being in the city for the holiday was actually really strange. It felt very deserted, especially since I was downtown. I did, however, have SUPER good views of the fireworks. I highly recommend you all find an employer that has a penthouse on the Hudson. Then get that employer to leave you access to her apartment when she leaves. It's wise. Do not, however, break objects on her desk like I did. I pushed a little glass coaster off her desk by accident because I wanted to sit and it shattered. Oops! She just asked me about it and I lied, and then she asked the cat if he's seen it. WTF.

This weekend felt SUPER long since I did so much. And it actually WAS a long weekend, so that may have been it too. I got to see a lot of the fam which is always fun. I took my grandma to the movies because we're adorbs. She's so badass staying out till 11 pm to hang out with me. She ALSO agreed to pop bottles of champagne with me on my birthday (which is SO soon).

My brother and I also decided we were like Friends (like the show, not like amigos). We would obvs be Monica and Ross and I decided Morgan and Jason combined would be Phoebe. I need a Rachel figure so if you think you fit that role, you just let me know! My brother just needs to find a Chandelor so hopefully he gets on that.

I spent the day in Central Park yesterday learning to cartwheel. It's on my list of things to do before I die so I need to learn eventually. I'm pretty sure we provided lots of entertainment/laughs for all the other people in the park. We also rented row boats and rowed across the treacherous waters. Kevin really rowed for most of it but I like to lie to myself and pretend like I did. It's a great date spot, by the way, and it's cheap! AND if you row close enough to the fancy gondola men, you can pretend like they're singing to you. There are also lots of trees and hidden corners that people were sneakily trying to make-out in. And we obvs creeped up on them which sparked an interesting question that I VLOG-ED! Hopefully I can get that up soon! AND the Loeb Boathouse has delicious custard.

Also, my brother said he was proud of the name of the blog, he's totally feelin' it. He then accused me of ripping off HIS blog name from 4 years ago. But whatever. Ross doesn't know what he's talking about.

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