Monday, July 6, 2009

happy birthday, america!

i don't like how ami and i essentially spent our weekends apart. normally that's not the case at all and it never ceases to amaze us that we don't kill each other considering we spend all day together g-chatting instead of working, all night together in our quaint little bedroom and then all weekend together having adventures in the city (just like on the completely real reality show, the city.) i never get a break from the little one, but this weekend was different. as she failed to mention, she ABANDONED us for her family and refuses to take us (meaning me and jason) home with her to join in barbequeing and family fun.

it's okay though because i got to partake in family fun friday night too, out in the 'burbs at the eighth nicest golf course in the world, i'm told. jealous? i thought so. nothing's better than a wasp filled night of american pride, mr. softee trucks, phenomenal fireworks over the 11th hole? and gin and tonics. love it. saturday was a debacle filled with rooftops, day-time drinking and plaid-wearing hipsters. equally fabulous. not to mention the GALLON of ice cream jason decided was a more economically sound purchase than a more appropriately sized pint.

it was weird this year spending my first fourth of july away from my parents. i guess i really am growing up. there was a lot of pressure to find something fabulous to do, but honestly i could have been happy anywhere with the gorgeous weather, although a rooftop in brooklyn was quite wonderful as well. it certainly sets the bar high for next year's fourth. (ahhh we'll be college graduates then. kms!) maybe if ami's there it will be phenom ....

correction: i've since been informed it's the eighth nicest course in america. my apologies.

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