Thursday, July 2, 2009

i accept your challenge, and raise you one...

well played, ami. well played. intimidating? yes. challenging? yes. possible? oh definitely. and bonus, it's a skill i would LOVE to have. so i better get cracking on learning the game of pool. before a re-debut my prowess at said ACE bar, (last time i "played" doesn't even count, so we'll pretend it never happened) i'm thinking i better get some practice time in at a little less intimidating of an arena. if only we had a pool table in our apartment... i guess i will have to run with the commoners at fat cat billiards and let's be honest, i have always wanted to go there. now i just need a teacher. any volunteers?

now for you, my dear ami, i have a couple ideas rolling around in my head. the first one that sprung to mind would be hilarious, but you might hate me, so obviously i'm going to make you do it. just not yet. your inaugural challenge (which was entirely conceived by my friend kelsey!) but is so amusing i decided to adopt as my own, is to craft 8 hemp bracelets. lame, you say? nay. this challenge involves a second part: you must also sell said bracelets in washington square park. i'm chuckling at the mere thought of it.

do you accept?

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