Friday, July 24, 2009

It's Like I Waited My Whole Life..

So yesterday I stumbled upon this FABULOUS wedding video that I'm sure you have all seen by now because it just BLEW up! (Isn't he just the cutest little groom ever) I just can't get over what good friends these people have and how you can CLEARLY tell they are having the time of their life. I bet the couple had a quaint love story too. I'm thinkin' best friends for a long time, took their relationship a while to get off the ground and then BAM-they had this fantastic choreographed-danced filled whirlwind of a romance and then got engaged at 27, married at 28. Yup.

Anyway, they only practiced for an hour and a half yet it's just perfection in every step. One of the highlights is when the Groom rolls out Willy-Wonka style like a very true badass. So dorky and so perfect. There is also an old man with a solid-jolly laugh at the beginning that warms my heart. Everyone was so surprised and LOVING it. HAHA (just watched it again)..Chris Brown in CHURCH?! Who would've guessed it. This is hands-down the best press he's gotten all year. You are lucky people can be quaint to your music, C. Brown. (Anyone notice that could ALSO be Charlie Brown? Strange.) I am now requiring that Future Husband be VERY willing to have as fun of a wedding. Gah it makes me super excited to get married..though I AM quite a few steps away from being close to that. I hope my friends all know that they WILL be making fools out of themselves for my amusement.

I also timelined my predictions for when I think my friends will wed. It's a really crazy, crazy thought but I'm super excited so those at the beginning of the list better get to it! Go watch the video!

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  1. that tots looks like the FUNNEST wedding...and yes I said funnest because i have never seen anything top it. Post the timeline!!