Friday, July 10, 2009

"it's nothing bundt delicious"

ami literally just texted me that exact sentence. bahaha she's updating me with her sonic endeavours. she is enjoying chicken, a sonic blast and a chocolate bundt cake. girl can eat...i've trained her well.

for those of you that don't know, it's pretty much my life goal to get to a sonic due to their incessant advertising in the northeast even though they have NO locations. trust me, i looked. up until recently, the closest sonic was wayyyy out in western pennsylvania. why, why, why? would they do that? what a waste of money and time, not to mention inciting anger among the masses who cannot experience the wonders (or lack there of...who knows? i don't!) of a sonic blast. i could probably spew for hours on this topic. i even did a mini-presentation on sonic and their ineffective advertising last year in my marketing class in paris. fat-ass american, party of one, right here among the cultured europeans who presented on audi, christian louboutin and hermes! let me tell you, that presentation pretty much fell on deaf ears. regardless, it still peeves me to no end that i have to suffer through the endless albeit rather entertaining sonic commercials and not ever be able to eat there. one just popped up in jersey not tooooo far from us, but of course, i have to wheedle an invite out of ami to go home with her which will probs never happen. she won't take me or jason home with her. ever. we've invited ourselves many a time, to no avail. i may just have to resort to renting a zip car (let's be honest, who wouldn't look for any excuse to bust out a zip car?) and chart my own way there. anybody down for a road trip?

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