Monday, July 27, 2009

make new friends, but keep the old

all this wedding talk has got us thinking (ps that video, at last check, has been viewed over 7 million about the power of viral media!) ami made her marriage timeline and i just made mine. it's a very tricky endeavor. first i had to decide who even made the list. i have a lot of fringe friends. those that made the list, kudos. i hope i didn't forget someone crucial (i like how i'm writing this as if i'm going to post my list. i'm not. sorry!) but i kept it to just 20 people. the timeline puts all my friends in relation to each other, so it's not so much about what year or how old people are when they get married. making it was super depressing as i fated 2 of my friends to marry early but divorce (isn't that cruel?) but i just see it happening that way. the timeline then led to the theorizing of which of these friends i would still be in touch with when wedding day rolls around.

it's always bizarre to think about how some friendships fade away. looking at my parents and other adults and listening them speak about their college roommate or their best friend in high school saddens me. i can't imagine only catching up with these people through an annual christmas card exchange or an email here or there. my life is my friends. how could they just fall out of my life? it makes the present seem pretty insignificant. i guess i just have to remain steadfast and adamant about staying in touch and making sure those people are always in my life. i think i'll be pretty good at that, i mean, i can always just plan super-cheesy fun days like field day '09! hey, i at least need to know if my marriage timeline was accurate...

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