Friday, July 24, 2009

really, dunkin' donuts, really?

so i subscribe to a news feed for the qsr (quick service restaurants) website for work, meaning i'm totes in the know about all things fast-food that we don't get here in nyc. dunkin donuts has just decided to launch a chicken parmesan flatbread sandwich. say whaaaa? a donut place is selling chicken? that makes me very uncomfortable. talk about confused branding. i can only imagine the horrors of how/where/why they have chicken in back room next to the donuts and bagels.

as a new englander, i'm supposed to love dunkin' donuts. and when i'm home, i do. but here in nyc dunkin' donuts drops the ball hard core. now, i need my iced skim latte every morning before i can function and starbucks usually gets my business for two reasons: 1. they accept credit cards 2. they're fast. now i know fast equals crappily brewed espresso, but i rarely have time to watch my shot of espresso pulled by an expert when i'm literally hauling ass to either class or work. if an extra three minutes in bed means not stellar lattes, i'm okay with that. my caffeine addiction, however adds up really fast and my bank statement is rather embarrassing as it's littered with $4.06 charges everyday from starbies. whatever, that's where i choose to spend my money and i don't eat breakfast so i've made peace with it.

back home, townies are die-hard dunks fans. gotta get up, drive downtown and get your medium iced vanilla with one sugar (or whatever your fancy is) before your day can properly begin. i can't tell you how many hangovers have been fixed by this practice at 7 am. starbies is looked down upon, it's pure snobbery.

this doesn't translate to nyc. at all. dunkin donuts here are ghetto. and, more importantly MORE EXPENSIVE. wtf. how is that even possible. last summer, i thought, all right, $4.06 is just too much to be spending everyday, i'll be a little more economical and go to dunks (to all of you who think the solution is brewing my own coffee, sure. i went through that phase. but honestly, i prefer lattes and sure, i could brew my own espresso, and keep my fridge stocked with a lot of milk so i could craft my own iced beverages every morning. but let's remember my number one priority. efficiency. i'm willing to pay for it.) to my complete and utter SHOCK, dunkin' donuts was actually $.50 more expensive than starbucks!! who knew such a travesty was possible?!? let me tell you, i've gotten in more fights with dunkin' donuts staff (sorry! it's the caffeine withdrawal speaking) than i'm comfortable admitting. but really, poorly brewed espresso for wayy too much money that's almost always made slower with more errors than at starbies? no thank you. my biggest discovery this summer has been oren's coffee. they charge $.5o less than starbucks AND offer a frequent buyer card. done and done.

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  1. DID YOU KNOW... that several NYC Dunks have been turned into TIM HORTONS??!!?!?!?! I'm sure no self- respecting New Yorker, or American, for that matter, wants a goddamn cherry flavored Canadian Timbit!