Friday, July 3, 2009

Socially Awkward.

You know when you see someone you know and you awkwardly dodge your eyes around the room to avoid having to make any form of eye contact? I do that a lot. So if I've ever seen you in a room and fumbled with my phone or stared at a wall instead of just saying hello, I apologize.

Last night I was sitting on a bus when I saw a kid walking down the aisle. He just pointed at me, "I've noticed you around, you go to NYU," and I was so caught off guard all I could say was "Oh woah, ye-." before he passed me to take a seat behind me. And then I awkwardly thought to myself for a good, solid 25 minutes if I should turn to speak to him through the cracks of the seat. And after all that thinking, I decided that WOULD be weird because he was already sleeping. How did I know he was sleeping? I could see his reflection on the window I was leaning against. Don't worry, I know how creepy that makes me sound. No biggie.

But I realized how nice it is when someone remembers you or just recognizes you and makes a point to let you know. What's really the worst that could happen in just saying hi to someone you recognize? They'll either not respond, respond as awkwardly as I did on the bus OR actually acknowledge that they recognize you too.

So Mystery Bus Boy, and all the other people I've awkwardly ignored, be prepared because I WILL say hi. I hope you all prepare talking points.


  1. yes, always say hi! Think about how weird things are after the fact, its always more fun that way. One thing I always do for any potential awkward situation is remember that "It's only as awkward as I make it". So next time, wake that kid up and start talking to him

  2. My secret to overcoming awkward moments is to just think, think, think! who cares if the other person feels awkward?! As long as your head is full of random thoughts, you should never feel awkward again! PS. you should definitely say hi. Even if a person doesn't recognize you, it always feels nice to be said hi to.

  3. ALSO! this reminds me of you:

  4. thanks for the shout out!

    why can't i post links but jess can?