Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Just a quick update. During my commute to work today, I was standing in that mosh pit that forms at the bottom of the stairs on the L platform at Union Square. Out of NOWHERE-I see a hand come DANGEROUSLY close to my face and I obviously flinch because WTF. It was Sketchy. askdjkl. (Sketchy is a SECRET name for this creepshow from freshman year) Just when you think you're safe. Arg. He was trying to pinch my cheeks. SORRY BUDDY. I'm not an INFANT. I am now sitting here annoyed at the possibility of having to run into him again. It just concerns me because this city is CLEARLY too small. And now Morgan is not on gchat so I have nothing to do but actually get started on my assignments for the day. After I update this, of course.

The other day I was talking about how certain people are just fated to be in your life. It's a fun slash quaint thought sometimes to think that you were just meant to cross paths with people. (Note: I do NOT believe Sketchy is a fate-friend) But I can think of a few people that even if I hadn't met them the way I did, I probs would have met them somehow anyway.

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