Tuesday, July 14, 2009

this could turn into a great story to tell our kids

for some reason, ami abandoned ME this afternoon on gchat without so much as a farewell. she must have done it to punish me for leaving her this morning, but i was out on doing a catering pitch, just like a real grown-up. currently i'm going through itunes to find more music to add to our playlist for instore music which happens to be the perfect job to which i can multitask. and write about my significantley less sketchy subway experence.

twice in the past week, i've gotten into the subway (on the 6, j.lo style) for my morning commute and seen the same cute guy. 6'2" ish, blonde hair, crisp button-down shirt with khakis. classic midtown commuter. he's in my car and gets off at 51st st just like me. normally i probs wouldn't have any faith in believing myself that it was the same person, but i know it's him because he has had the same book in his hands. so while i look all scholarly and wise reading anna karenina (i swear, i am actually reading that as my "subway" book. interesting choice, i know, but whatevss) anyway, subway guy reads skinny dip by carl hiassan, which i just happened to have read myself (thank you, mrs. white for our senior year satire section in AP english) and really enjoyed. i digress.

now, if i subscribe to ami's theory of certain people are in your life for a reason (um SKETCHY is so sketchy! and will never leave her life. i love when i run into him around campus and know all these sketchy things about him and he has no idea who i am. classic.) then perhaps subway boy is meant to be in my life. or human beings are a creature of habit and that explains why we get in the same car every morning at the same time to get to our jobs perfectly 7 minutes late every time. since i'm the cynic and ami's the optimist, i'm going to go with the latter theory.

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