Thursday, July 2, 2009

Well Played, My Friend.

I see your challenge and will offer you your next one.

First though, let me pimp out my business and offer all of our readers, hand-made, custom fit bracelets. Each uniquely designed, with you in mind. Perfect gifts for the family. It's almost Christmas-in-July so grab these stocking stuffers while you can! Leave a comment if you're interested!

So Morgan, grab your buckets, pots, and drum sticks because you are going to be Washington Square Park's newest street band drummer. You, by yourself (don't try to recruit talented friends) will attract large crowds, rocking your way to fame. I was going to make you become a one-man-band but we lack a harmonica. Womps.

Being the true Sternie that I am, we will COMPETE to see who can get more money, you on tips from performing or my designer bracelets. It's pretty much Apprentice. And since Apprentice donates to charity, we too will donate our earnings to our drinky-drinks fund.

Will you deny this challenge?

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