Friday, July 31, 2009


ami and i have been sending each other fun (or ridiculous. or depressing.) quotes back and forth all day via gchat. we're moving into our new apartment this weekend (well, sort of. we have access to it but we haven't decided when we're actually going to MOVE quite yet.) anyway, ami has decided to adorn her wall with hand-painted canvii that her friends lovingly paint. it's pretty tom sawyer of her and i'm a tiny bit jealous i didn't think of the idea. she wants to paint one for herself as well and has decided to stick to words, since art isn't exactly the business student's forte. hence the subject of quotes. there are some pretty nonsensical depressing yet amusing quotes out there. i'm going to paint one directly on my wall i've decided, a la peyton sawyer from one tree hill. some of my top favs are :

"a woman carries her clothes, but it’s a shoe which carries a woman." - christian louboutin. he must be talking about fuck me shoes

"i love every sound you don’t even know you make while you sleep at night"

"the heart is a muscle like any other and the best exercise you can
do for it is called picking yourself up off the floor."

okay. those are actually really creepy. the ones i actually like are these ones:

"we are masters of the unsaid words, but slaves of those we let slip out."

"without cracks in the sidewalks and walls, this city couldn't breath."
"if someone ever thought sunshine was perfect, they've never danced in the rain"

i'm pretty sure i really only like the last one enough to paint it on my wall and stare at it every day without turning into an 16 year old emo teeny-bopper who shops at hot topic. but if anyone else has grand ideas, holler at me!

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