Monday, July 20, 2009

You're Never Too Old to Look Like A Fool..

This weekend felt like it lasted for YEARS because of the amount of stuff we managed to do. Friday was the NY Philharmonic in Central Park. Minus the whole it got rained out early part, it was really fun. The grass on the Great Lawn is SUPER bouncy and perfect for napping. I learned that New Yorkers don't mess around when it comes to the Philharmonic. People came beyond prepared for the night with HUGE platters of food, candles and lots of champagne corks were literally flying, a few times causing BATTLES and dramz.

We got in a good nights rest in preparation for Field Day '09. We woke up and took a nice leisurely lunch and then RUSHED to get everything ready in time. Fun fact: 12 packs of Natural Light (YUM!) is only $7.99 at Associated. Morgan and I carried back 5 boxes as a little warm up. It made me realize my arms are awfully weak seeing as though I nearly passed out from exhaustion and I was carrying less than Morgan. But fear not, we took a potassium break and ate bananas to regain our strength.

The games were loads of fun, as expected. We started off with a chugging competition and WOW did we all suck at that. It's VERY clear we don't go to a state school. Don't even worry though because we were all GREAT at figuring out the science behind stacking the empty cans. After some more drinking games, we finally got outside. We had a WONDERFUL game planned where everyone got 3 balloons tied to their legs and then we'd all run around stomping each other's balloons and the last man standing would take home the GLASS, hand-painted trophy.

So we were preparing for the game and I had the balloons tied to me all ready to go and I quickly ran back to my apartment as everyone else got ready. As I was coming back out, a few hm 12-17 year old boys called me over. They either thought I was their age, realized how HOT I was or maybe it was a mix of both. Well for whatever reason I went and invited them to come play. And I'm standing there and I realized how pedophile I just came off as inviting them to play-so I screamed F*CK and started running away. They followed. AWKWASARUS. It was okay though because they enjoyed playing-I mean who wouldn't? We had everyone in that oval staring at us in envy, babies included. The final round came down to Morgan (unridiculous' own-represent!) and Kevin. Morgan put up a good fight darting Kevin and his ju jit su ways. But in the end, Kevin was the day's big winner, taking home the trophy. Which I'm sure is displayed in a glass case in his room somewhere. Overall, the games were a total success-we DID lose players quite a bit as the day progressed but picking up the 12 year olds helped even out the teams. We've decided a Winter games may be in order, so be nice to us and you MAY just get invited.

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