Friday, August 28, 2009

last saturday night, an 0ff-duty bouncer stopped in to say hi to his friends at forbidden city on avenue a and 13th st (mere blocks from my apartment) and while he was there a scuffle broke out over what's been reported as some woman that men were fighting over. one of the guys ran to his truck, pulled a gun, and the bouncer got caught in the middle, trying to break it up, got shot and died. i heard about it monday morning when i came into work and was reading all the news from the weekend. i couldn't exactly place which storefront forbidden city is so i looked it up on yelp and was absolutely disgusted by the "review" someone posted about their night of the shooting:

"There was a shooting in front of this lounge last nite, I happened to be there earlier in the evening and left about an hour prior to the shooting. Crowd was a little ghetto and cheesy during the time I was there. Obviously , with news of the shooting and the crowd, I most likely will not return."

is this person serious? how is that, in any shape or form an appropriate reaction. a human life was taken, i hardly think it's the time to judge the crowd! the whole situation is just completely heartbreaking and unnecessary. everything that has been written about the bouncer paints him as a well-loved and respected electrician by day, bouncer by night just trying to support his family. he left behind two children, a teenage girl and boy. apparently he adopted the boy after the boy's mother died of cancer. life is just so unfair for them... the neighborhood apparently feels the same way and has banded together to support the children. i found this note posted on another blog, EV Grieve:

"East Village bars Drop Off Service, Planet Rose, Forbidden City, Common Ground, Habibi Lounge, and Superdive will donate 50% of their register on Monday, Aug. 31 (all day and night) to set up a college fund for the children of murdered bouncer Eric “Taz” Pagan."

unfortunately i will be at home and can't participate, but i wish i could. for all of you still in the big apple, i highly recommend supporting this community and family.

Friday, August 21, 2009


i second ami's description of our fabulous morning (which has left me a tad bleary-eyed at work today, but such is the price i'm willing to pay for a free event.)

the problem, however, is ami's sentence towards the end of the post which included the words, "beat off tween jerks." am i the only one to notice the perverseness of such a sentence? maybe i just need to get my mind out of the gutter...

p.s. the sky is now BLACK outside and i just heard a deep rumble of thunder whilst sitting in the very inside of my building. great.

The Rest Is Still Unwritten

So if any of you were up today at 7-9 AM and happened to be watching NBC, you probs saw us LIVE on television. I was fortunate enough to win free tickets to see Natasha Bedingfield on the Today show and the only REAL catch of these summer concert series shows is that you're expected to beat the sun and get there SUPER early. So at 5:20 this morning, we were actually awake and heading to the show. The sun literally was not out yet. After I made a TOTAL fool of myself trying to get into the actual concert area, we made our way to a little caged section. In front of all the plebeian folk, obvs.

Now I expected it to be full of little kiddies that I could EASILY see over but there were a surprising amount of grown, adult MEN and women there. This giant bean pole of a boy totally obstructed my view but we luckily pushed through and made it to another caged area. I was literally INCHES away from Natash (nickname basis now) as she hugged and photographed the boy next to me that literally started to cry/shake when he saw her. I pretty much had every inch of my personal bubble invaded by this obnoxious tween jerk next to me. She was leaning over me to get pictures of the HOSTS and Morgan had to literally remind her that I was a human that she was nearly knocking over. Morgan's always got my back. Natash was great live and we got solid camera time that was confirmed by Kelsey's dad. We got sweet swag as well so all in all it was a great trip. If you are willing to wake up at 5ish, stand for 3 hours straight and beat off tween jerks, it's totally worth it. If you're shorter than I am, I'd recommend watching from home though. It's a fun feeling getting on the subway at 9 to see the work go-ers knowing you ALREADY had SUCH a day.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

i never meant to start a war

i've had jordin sparkss' battlefield stuck in my head on a continuous loop for over two days now. thanks, friends (especially katherine) who introduced it to me while at home in the car. i decided to pay it forward and inform all of the call-center girls what gem of a song had been plaguing me, so now they are all equally tortured by it. gaby even busted out into random bursts of "battlefield" here and there all afternoon. great. our boss was very pleased by our antics.

, they did nothing to actually rid me of the song. there are all these old wives tales about how to get a song out of your head, such as listen to it (next! that's pretty much solidified it in my brain) or get another song stuck in your head (now tell me, how does that solve anything?) even the most beautifully written songs loose their wonder once stuck in between your medulla oblongata (kanye west anyone? who knew he knew such big words?!) and your, well, rest of the brain. gahh i'm hoping once i get home and blast it anywhere between 3 - 20 times, my mind will be cured of this ailment, but i have a sneaking suspicion that will only make it worse.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Being Sexy is Our Hobby..

Just an update. I sent a carefully crafted list of names which I obvs over thought and picked names that would lead to a fulfilling life for this new little baby. They disregarded ALL of my efforts and named the baby Yug. That's not a typo. My family never ceases to amaze me.

I think I've finally hit my wall of summer working. My amiga Jessica is currently in Peru volunteering in the jungle. She has been there for hmm four days and her mom has already texted me to inform me that she has a pet monkey. A pet monkey. SO typical. I do wish I was on this wild aventure with her. But now that she has an over-sized hiking backpack, we pretty much have the PERFECT excuse to go backpacking soon. Those backpacks are expensive afterall, and I would hate to let it go to waste. Being in Boston for the weekend was some solid R&R time and I am now a few shades darker. The beach was glorious and I saw FIVE shooting stars in ONE sitting. Jason was with me and saw zero so I think I have a magical gift of shooting star sight. If you know me, you know shooting stars equal magic so I was a very happy child all weekend.

Morgan also took us to Massachusettes' famed eatery, Dunkin' Donuts. She ACTUALLY believed Jason had never been to one until then. Silly morgz, how could you EVER forget Dunkin' Donuts in the lobby?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

can the real emilee please stand up?

BIG NEWS. (i feel like i'm doing a neutrogena commercial.)

sonic is coming to the north shore of boston! that's right. finally. Rt 1 north in peabody will be graced with sonic very, very soon. we passed it last night on the way to the bus station (we went home for the weekend for some r&r) and midsentence, ami and i gasped at exactly the same time in the exact same tone and genuineness (i think we terrified my mom and kelsey) it's truly thrilling that years and years after wishing and hoping, we finally get one. now, i don't know when construction will be completed (i imagine in awhile) but the carports appeared close to done so keep your fingers crossed! chocolate mini bundt cake here i come!

in other news...emilee (the boring girl who has ADHD on this season of the real world) was spotted at the bar we went to for reggae night on sunday. but due to her extremely generic looks, we spotted at least 4 look-alikes before the real emilee was identified.

clearly, we had a thrilling weekend. oh suburbia, how i love you!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

surf's up

sorry it's been a week since my last post, as ami said, i did venture up north across the border for some meese hunting and shooting star sightings, but i'm back and better than ever (not to mention a teensy bit tanner. just a teensy.)

i'm always amused by my walk to and from the subway in the morning. once i get to work, it's just a different sense of time, but the commute always provides me with entertainment. this morning i mixed it up a bit and got on the 6 at 23rd street after moving in last night to our brand new apartment! (i feel like a game show host. and the winner is....YOU) Anyway, I was crossing lex on 23rd street when i passed a guy carrying a dean&deluca canvas bag (pretty typical for the city) and a SURFBOARD. yes, a legit surfboard. where, pray tell, are you going to use a surfboard in manhattan?! i wasn't the only person perplexed by such a sighting as a toothless hobo approached the dude (as he clearly cannot be described in any other way) and questioned him about the board as well. i had my headphones in and in my morning haze didn't think to take them out to listen to the response, but surfer dude was completely engaged in the conversation as well. the whole exchange made me chuckle as well.

once i got to work and checked my email, i found this website in my daily candy email.

daily candy provides me with a ton of info about what's going on in nyc and everywhere ( i get two different email blasts) sometimes the info is useless, but often it's pretty intriguing. today's was probably my favorite ever. 25 pencils every month for 25 months??? GENIUS. i am totally the sucker who would be obsessed with such a concept. obviously i was also the kid who was a member of the sticker-of-the month pen pal club where you were sent a couple addresses, had to ship off multiple packs of stickers, and in return got stickers from other people. a pay-it-forward idea for kids that i loved! i wonder if such a concept exists to this day? i sure hope so. i was all for signing up for the colored pencil club until i saw the price tag. $33 a month? while i understand the value of high-quality art supplies (and $33 for 25 pencils isn't that terrible, considering they are being shipped from Japan,) those kinds of expenditures aren't exactly in my budget

Monday, August 10, 2009

I Just Need a Phone

So Morgan is off to Canada and I'm left here alone to update. I considered choosing someone to guest blog in her place, like a celebrity shot, if you will, but I don't think I trust anyone to blog quite on Morgan's level.

Saturday morning I woke up at 7 AM because my mom called to tell me she was lost on Canal Street. She wanted me to walk down to her so I could drive her up to my apartment. Now we don't live anywhere near Canal Street so I literally jumped out of bed and started running downtown in my pajamas, still in the jewels from the night before. I was trying to direct my mom over the phone but she has absolutely NO sense of direction and managed to end up in Brooklyn. I don't know HOW that was possible, but my mother is a woman of many ridiculous talents. She then couldn't decide if she was in Brooklyn or Manhattan so trying to offer her advice was useless.

So she spent the morning helping me move and after we were done, I decided it would be wise for me to drive her to Houston so she could easily get to the tunnel. So I dropped her off and started walking home (still in pajamas and jewels) and got three blocks when I realized my keys were in her car. The keys to BOTH of my apartments. On top of that, I had no cell phone. So for the first time in my 3 years of living in NYC, I picked up a pay phone.

Who knew pay phones were SO hard to use?! I literally threw 4 dollars worth of change into 3 different pay phones trying to get it to connect. I finally decided to go into a nail salon and beg. I walk in, put on my desperate, pleading voice and ask if I can pay to use her phone and she replies with "manicure, pedicure?" NO LADY. I spent a few minutes pointing at the phone, playing this stupid game of charades with the lady and after all that she replies with "no phone here." I was staring DIRECTLY at the phone as she said this.

Next stop, Indian man at a convenient store. I walk in, ask to use the phone and he picks it up, turns it on, and says, "Sorry, I'm on the phone." GREAT.

After two more failed attempts, I find a man who very wearily let me use his phone. ANNND My mother didn't answer the phone call. So I had no choice but to walk back home and just hope someone would let me in. After getting into my apartment, I spent the next few hours wallowing over the many mistakes of my past 12 hours. And then my brother informed me that he met up with my mom and got my keys for me. LOVE. I pretty much owe him big time.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Life is a Puzzle.

Hm it seems the past few weeks of posting have ALL been marriage related. And just to sum up the marriage topic, the dancing wedding couple just got even MORE fabulous. I hear they are donating the money that they recieve from publicity and whatnot to a foundation for domestic abuse-all because they used Chris Brown's song. LOVE IT. Hm but I'm concerned Morgan's cyncisim is rubbing off and I'm going to end this summer losing a bit of faith in soulmates. That would honestly depress me because the idea of soulmates makes my heart happy. But I'm beginning to see the many flaws in relationships. Hmm hmm hmm. Topic change.

It's already August and I'm very sad that I have YET to be on a beach. I did, however, purchase some crazy puzzle yesterday as a gift of fun for Morgan. This puzzle CHANGES images in front of your eyes! It's only 500 pieces so we should be able to tackle it in no time. And puzzles remind me of summer so my summer does feel a bit more complete now. I also purchased my new furniture last night which is an even BIGGER puzzle that I'm not too excited for. My attempts to rally friends to help build seems to be failing but I think I can manage.

Crazy news of the week? My family is trusting me a CHILD. Not a silly pet, an actual human. I wonder if my family remembers that I named my most recent fish, Mr. Fishyman. I wasn't a child when I did this, I was a senior in high school. The fish before that were named Barbara and Lucy after my Pre-K teachers. But I have to report back by today with my decision. Some of these family traditions are a bit whack, I must say, and I have no idea why my family would trust ME-the girl who, at the age of 20, still doesn't know how to introduce herself. Silly geese. It has to start with an N or Y and I'm tempted to make up some crazy name just to see if it catches on. Yashafrash? I don't know. Names are a BIG deal. I mean, this could be the next big Bollywood star and I don't want to be the one responsible for giving him some stuffy name. My mom also informed me that I have 7 other cousins that will ask me to name their children if they follow tradition so I now have to become a naming guru! An extra skill for the resume perhaps? I think so.

I just kept telling my parents how life was SO amusing last night. I often times just LAUGH to myself thinking of it. Morgan always hears me laughing and then yells at me for withholding information. But really I'm just laughing at how fun life is. I'm just lovin' it.

kids say the darndest things

it always makes me chuckle when there are little kids on the subway during rush hour. they're so innocent and cute, and their parents always look so frazzled. commuters have zero patience for anyone who doesn't know what they are doing and little kids definitely fall into that category. strollers are especially unappreciated by the masses, but i can't help but pity the poor mothers (and fathers) who are tasked with operating the four-wheeled monster through the subway labyrinth. this morning, instead of a stroller, there was just a little four year old boy that hopped on the train in front of his frazzled father. he stood there, unsure whether to head up or down the car, surrounded by a forest of slacks and skirts, but he didn't seem entirely concerned. his dad hopped on behind him and told him to follow him. the very wrinkled man walked over to in front of an empty spot on the bench, and only then did i notice the go diego go! backpack that was maybe twelve inches tall slung over the dad's shoulder. clearly it was simply too heavy for the boy to carry. the little boy squeezed onto the seat and his dad stood in front of him, one hand on the pole to steady himself and one hand holding his son's hand. i had my earphones in for most of the ride, but just as the train was pulling up to the 51st i overheard the little boy ask his dad, "daddy, when did you put this on?" i turned to see what he was asking about and saw that he was spinning his dad's wedding ring around his finger. the dad replied, "when i married your mommy." how quaint! let me tell you, every single woman in hearing distance turned their head and smiled at the father. plus, one of the women grinning at the adorable boy was wearing an unbelievable rock on her engagement finger. all these signs of marriage are beginning to make me wonder if maybe i have it wrong and marriage is the way to go? but at the same time i'm getting many, many reminders that no, i don't think i actually do believe in it.