Tuesday, August 18, 2009

can the real emilee please stand up?

BIG NEWS. (i feel like i'm doing a neutrogena commercial.)

sonic is coming to the north shore of boston! that's right. finally. Rt 1 north in peabody will be graced with sonic very, very soon. we passed it last night on the way to the bus station (we went home for the weekend for some r&r) and midsentence, ami and i gasped at exactly the same time in the exact same tone and genuineness (i think we terrified my mom and kelsey) it's truly thrilling that years and years after wishing and hoping, we finally get one. now, i don't know when construction will be completed (i imagine in awhile) but the carports appeared close to done so keep your fingers crossed! chocolate mini bundt cake here i come!

in other news...emilee (the boring girl who has ADHD on this season of the real world) was spotted at the bar we went to for reggae night on sunday. but due to her extremely generic looks, we spotted at least 4 look-alikes before the real emilee was identified.

clearly, we had a thrilling weekend. oh suburbia, how i love you!

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