Monday, August 10, 2009

I Just Need a Phone

So Morgan is off to Canada and I'm left here alone to update. I considered choosing someone to guest blog in her place, like a celebrity shot, if you will, but I don't think I trust anyone to blog quite on Morgan's level.

Saturday morning I woke up at 7 AM because my mom called to tell me she was lost on Canal Street. She wanted me to walk down to her so I could drive her up to my apartment. Now we don't live anywhere near Canal Street so I literally jumped out of bed and started running downtown in my pajamas, still in the jewels from the night before. I was trying to direct my mom over the phone but she has absolutely NO sense of direction and managed to end up in Brooklyn. I don't know HOW that was possible, but my mother is a woman of many ridiculous talents. She then couldn't decide if she was in Brooklyn or Manhattan so trying to offer her advice was useless.

So she spent the morning helping me move and after we were done, I decided it would be wise for me to drive her to Houston so she could easily get to the tunnel. So I dropped her off and started walking home (still in pajamas and jewels) and got three blocks when I realized my keys were in her car. The keys to BOTH of my apartments. On top of that, I had no cell phone. So for the first time in my 3 years of living in NYC, I picked up a pay phone.

Who knew pay phones were SO hard to use?! I literally threw 4 dollars worth of change into 3 different pay phones trying to get it to connect. I finally decided to go into a nail salon and beg. I walk in, put on my desperate, pleading voice and ask if I can pay to use her phone and she replies with "manicure, pedicure?" NO LADY. I spent a few minutes pointing at the phone, playing this stupid game of charades with the lady and after all that she replies with "no phone here." I was staring DIRECTLY at the phone as she said this.

Next stop, Indian man at a convenient store. I walk in, ask to use the phone and he picks it up, turns it on, and says, "Sorry, I'm on the phone." GREAT.

After two more failed attempts, I find a man who very wearily let me use his phone. ANNND My mother didn't answer the phone call. So I had no choice but to walk back home and just hope someone would let me in. After getting into my apartment, I spent the next few hours wallowing over the many mistakes of my past 12 hours. And then my brother informed me that he met up with my mom and got my keys for me. LOVE. I pretty much owe him big time.

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  1. wowwww...the WORST things happen to you

    and haha...jewels