Thursday, August 20, 2009

i never meant to start a war

i've had jordin sparkss' battlefield stuck in my head on a continuous loop for over two days now. thanks, friends (especially katherine) who introduced it to me while at home in the car. i decided to pay it forward and inform all of the call-center girls what gem of a song had been plaguing me, so now they are all equally tortured by it. gaby even busted out into random bursts of "battlefield" here and there all afternoon. great. our boss was very pleased by our antics.

, they did nothing to actually rid me of the song. there are all these old wives tales about how to get a song out of your head, such as listen to it (next! that's pretty much solidified it in my brain) or get another song stuck in your head (now tell me, how does that solve anything?) even the most beautifully written songs loose their wonder once stuck in between your medulla oblongata (kanye west anyone? who knew he knew such big words?!) and your, well, rest of the brain. gahh i'm hoping once i get home and blast it anywhere between 3 - 20 times, my mind will be cured of this ailment, but i have a sneaking suspicion that will only make it worse.

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