Tuesday, August 4, 2009

kids say the darndest things

it always makes me chuckle when there are little kids on the subway during rush hour. they're so innocent and cute, and their parents always look so frazzled. commuters have zero patience for anyone who doesn't know what they are doing and little kids definitely fall into that category. strollers are especially unappreciated by the masses, but i can't help but pity the poor mothers (and fathers) who are tasked with operating the four-wheeled monster through the subway labyrinth. this morning, instead of a stroller, there was just a little four year old boy that hopped on the train in front of his frazzled father. he stood there, unsure whether to head up or down the car, surrounded by a forest of slacks and skirts, but he didn't seem entirely concerned. his dad hopped on behind him and told him to follow him. the very wrinkled man walked over to in front of an empty spot on the bench, and only then did i notice the go diego go! backpack that was maybe twelve inches tall slung over the dad's shoulder. clearly it was simply too heavy for the boy to carry. the little boy squeezed onto the seat and his dad stood in front of him, one hand on the pole to steady himself and one hand holding his son's hand. i had my earphones in for most of the ride, but just as the train was pulling up to the 51st i overheard the little boy ask his dad, "daddy, when did you put this on?" i turned to see what he was asking about and saw that he was spinning his dad's wedding ring around his finger. the dad replied, "when i married your mommy." how quaint! let me tell you, every single woman in hearing distance turned their head and smiled at the father. plus, one of the women grinning at the adorable boy was wearing an unbelievable rock on her engagement finger. all these signs of marriage are beginning to make me wonder if maybe i have it wrong and marriage is the way to go? but at the same time i'm getting many, many reminders that no, i don't think i actually do believe in it.

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