Friday, August 28, 2009

last saturday night, an 0ff-duty bouncer stopped in to say hi to his friends at forbidden city on avenue a and 13th st (mere blocks from my apartment) and while he was there a scuffle broke out over what's been reported as some woman that men were fighting over. one of the guys ran to his truck, pulled a gun, and the bouncer got caught in the middle, trying to break it up, got shot and died. i heard about it monday morning when i came into work and was reading all the news from the weekend. i couldn't exactly place which storefront forbidden city is so i looked it up on yelp and was absolutely disgusted by the "review" someone posted about their night of the shooting:

"There was a shooting in front of this lounge last nite, I happened to be there earlier in the evening and left about an hour prior to the shooting. Crowd was a little ghetto and cheesy during the time I was there. Obviously , with news of the shooting and the crowd, I most likely will not return."

is this person serious? how is that, in any shape or form an appropriate reaction. a human life was taken, i hardly think it's the time to judge the crowd! the whole situation is just completely heartbreaking and unnecessary. everything that has been written about the bouncer paints him as a well-loved and respected electrician by day, bouncer by night just trying to support his family. he left behind two children, a teenage girl and boy. apparently he adopted the boy after the boy's mother died of cancer. life is just so unfair for them... the neighborhood apparently feels the same way and has banded together to support the children. i found this note posted on another blog, EV Grieve:

"East Village bars Drop Off Service, Planet Rose, Forbidden City, Common Ground, Habibi Lounge, and Superdive will donate 50% of their register on Monday, Aug. 31 (all day and night) to set up a college fund for the children of murdered bouncer Eric “Taz” Pagan."

unfortunately i will be at home and can't participate, but i wish i could. for all of you still in the big apple, i highly recommend supporting this community and family.

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