Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Life is a Puzzle.

Hm it seems the past few weeks of posting have ALL been marriage related. And just to sum up the marriage topic, the dancing wedding couple just got even MORE fabulous. I hear they are donating the money that they recieve from publicity and whatnot to a foundation for domestic abuse-all because they used Chris Brown's song. LOVE IT. Hm but I'm concerned Morgan's cyncisim is rubbing off and I'm going to end this summer losing a bit of faith in soulmates. That would honestly depress me because the idea of soulmates makes my heart happy. But I'm beginning to see the many flaws in relationships. Hmm hmm hmm. Topic change.

It's already August and I'm very sad that I have YET to be on a beach. I did, however, purchase some crazy puzzle yesterday as a gift of fun for Morgan. This puzzle CHANGES images in front of your eyes! It's only 500 pieces so we should be able to tackle it in no time. And puzzles remind me of summer so my summer does feel a bit more complete now. I also purchased my new furniture last night which is an even BIGGER puzzle that I'm not too excited for. My attempts to rally friends to help build seems to be failing but I think I can manage.

Crazy news of the week? My family is trusting me to..name a CHILD. Not a silly pet, an actual human. I wonder if my family remembers that I named my most recent fish, Mr. Fishyman. I wasn't a child when I did this, I was a senior in high school. The fish before that were named Barbara and Lucy after my Pre-K teachers. But I have to report back by today with my decision. Some of these family traditions are a bit whack, I must say, and I have no idea why my family would trust ME-the girl who, at the age of 20, still doesn't know how to introduce herself. Silly geese. It has to start with an N or Y and I'm tempted to make up some crazy name just to see if it catches on. Yashafrash? I don't know. Names are a BIG deal. I mean, this could be the next big Bollywood star and I don't want to be the one responsible for giving him some stuffy name. My mom also informed me that I have 7 other cousins that will ask me to name their children if they follow tradition so I now have to become a naming guru! An extra skill for the resume perhaps? I think so.

I just kept telling my parents how life was SO amusing last night. I often times just LAUGH to myself thinking of it. Morgan always hears me laughing and then yells at me for withholding information. But really I'm just laughing at how fun life is. I'm just lovin' it.

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