Thursday, August 13, 2009

surf's up

sorry it's been a week since my last post, as ami said, i did venture up north across the border for some meese hunting and shooting star sightings, but i'm back and better than ever (not to mention a teensy bit tanner. just a teensy.)

i'm always amused by my walk to and from the subway in the morning. once i get to work, it's just a different sense of time, but the commute always provides me with entertainment. this morning i mixed it up a bit and got on the 6 at 23rd street after moving in last night to our brand new apartment! (i feel like a game show host. and the winner is....YOU) Anyway, I was crossing lex on 23rd street when i passed a guy carrying a dean&deluca canvas bag (pretty typical for the city) and a SURFBOARD. yes, a legit surfboard. where, pray tell, are you going to use a surfboard in manhattan?! i wasn't the only person perplexed by such a sighting as a toothless hobo approached the dude (as he clearly cannot be described in any other way) and questioned him about the board as well. i had my headphones in and in my morning haze didn't think to take them out to listen to the response, but surfer dude was completely engaged in the conversation as well. the whole exchange made me chuckle as well.

once i got to work and checked my email, i found this website in my daily candy email.

daily candy provides me with a ton of info about what's going on in nyc and everywhere ( i get two different email blasts) sometimes the info is useless, but often it's pretty intriguing. today's was probably my favorite ever. 25 pencils every month for 25 months??? GENIUS. i am totally the sucker who would be obsessed with such a concept. obviously i was also the kid who was a member of the sticker-of-the month pen pal club where you were sent a couple addresses, had to ship off multiple packs of stickers, and in return got stickers from other people. a pay-it-forward idea for kids that i loved! i wonder if such a concept exists to this day? i sure hope so. i was all for signing up for the colored pencil club until i saw the price tag. $33 a month? while i understand the value of high-quality art supplies (and $33 for 25 pencils isn't that terrible, considering they are being shipped from Japan,) those kinds of expenditures aren't exactly in my budget

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