Tuesday, September 22, 2009


since school has been ever so stressful already, we've decided to take a break and go to our favorite activity...tuesday night trivia! bonus: my tuesday night class got canceled! woo! as much as i love food microbiology and sanitation, i think my time is far better spent racking my brain for ridiculous facts i definitely never knew. but hey, making up answers is half the fun. (let's be honest, winning is more fun, so hopefully i know some answers.) we're currently recruiting for our team, so i'm not sure what it will shape up to look like yet, but hopefully we'll get all the categories covered. wikipedia is ever so helpful in studying for said endevours but somehow, i always seem to mess up the dates, or the names, or something. maybe i should start taking ginger supplements so my memory gets stronger.

on another fun note, i recently wrote a customer complaint to starbucks. yes, i was that customer. after spending a summer working in customer support/relations, i've learned 2 important facts. 1) companies LOVE customer feedback. 2) it never hurts to ask. the last few times i've gotten iced bevs from starbucks, the cup has leaked. a lot. which is a huge problem when through the duration of my walk to campus, i move fast and am almost always carrying a iced bev. sloshing iced coffee+white shirt=permanent stains. i sent in a complaint about a week and half ago and lo and behold, i got a response today! let's go giant corporations! they admit they're new "eco-friendly" cups have not met their expectations in terms of lid-to-cup grip. love it. so brian h from starbies is going to send me coupons. honestly i didn't even want a free beverage (though it certainly never hurts) but i would love if they would change their cups. walking into a class with coffee down your shirt is just not the kind of first impression i like to make.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

housewarming hooligans

clearly, we need to become more reliable about updating. who knew school was such a time-consuming endeavor?! senior year has started with a bang, including the senior soiree in our student center that involved lots of free wine. unfortunately i had to leave early to head to my tuesday night food microbiology and sanitation class (womp womp.) certain people(s), who shall remain unnamed, enjoyed the free wine, and the trip to the bar afterward a little too much. eff my life for being "responsible." oh well.

on thursday we had our housewarming party. probably not the best idea (sorry neighbors!) the cops came twice and eventually broke it up but we ended up with an apt full of fun people. consider our house officially warmed! now fall is in full swing, the leaves are starting to crisp up and it is quickly turning toward sweater weather!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It Is Now Post-Labor Day.

Hm so we got a little lazy with the updating and I really hope we didn't lose loyal fans. We took a little break from our unridiculous NYC lives and escaped to the suburbs. But don't even worry-we're back and better than ever. I hope you all just started singing-"the Hess truck's back and it's better than ever, for CHRISTMAS this year, the Hess truck's here!" My dad used to buy me one every Christmas but he hates them now because they're too fancy and not classic enough for his liking.

Anyway, I'm currently at work trying to kill this last half hour before I head off to my last-first day of school! Well, that might not be entirely true if I decide to follow through on my new life plan but we shall see.

The post-Labor Day title I just typed reminded me that we can now no longer wear white. And then I researched WHY because, really, why? The original rule was something along the lines of saying white shoes can only be worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day-but fear not, "white tennis shoes and off-white boots seem exempt, as are any shoes worn by a winter bride." It made me chuckle because Morgz and I were laughing over a certain pair of white shoes the other day. Lets hope that chica follows the no-white-shoes rule.

The other day I left a fun message in a bottle in the middle of the lake in Central Park. I get it's like littering but c'mon, it's cute. It could be my future BFF that picks it up or my future husband! Or an infant. Either way, I'm not TOO sure if I want to be friends with someone that picks garbage up out of the lake but then again, if I saw a message in a bottle I know I'd be intrigued enough to get it. So as of today, I still haven't heard back (I obvs left my name and number on the note) but it WAS a holiday weekend and people get busy, ya know? Just keeping faith alive. I bet it floated over to the make-out/sexy-time corner we VLOGGED about earlier in the summer. Grossy.