Saturday, September 19, 2009

housewarming hooligans

clearly, we need to become more reliable about updating. who knew school was such a time-consuming endeavor?! senior year has started with a bang, including the senior soiree in our student center that involved lots of free wine. unfortunately i had to leave early to head to my tuesday night food microbiology and sanitation class (womp womp.) certain people(s), who shall remain unnamed, enjoyed the free wine, and the trip to the bar afterward a little too much. eff my life for being "responsible." oh well.

on thursday we had our housewarming party. probably not the best idea (sorry neighbors!) the cops came twice and eventually broke it up but we ended up with an apt full of fun people. consider our house officially warmed! now fall is in full swing, the leaves are starting to crisp up and it is quickly turning toward sweater weather!

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