Monday, December 27, 2010

dude. where's my car?

So, in case you live in Timbuktu and you don't pay attention to the news, the Eastern Seaboard has been hit with some snow. As beautiful as it was to experience a winter wonderland at home in the comfort of my own home, NYC + snow = disaster. My bus to return tonight was cancelled yesterday, and luckily my father had the foresight to buy a train ticket right away. The train actually got me into the city drama free, though it was sold out, as was every other train leaving Boston today. I'm pretty sure it was the safest route too, so props to pops for that call. I have a friend stranded in Michigan until Friday, so as much as it sucks to have to come back for three measly days of classes, I feel fortunate I could get back.

I had seen other peoples' photos of the dramatic snowstorm, but I still wasn't emotionally (or physically...tomorrow I must buy real winter boots) prepared to emerge from the subway to this. The snow drifts at the corners of streets are at least 4 feet tall with NO pathway shoveled. I think we can all imagine how graceful I looked hiking those peaks in my white wool coat and leather boots, while oncoming traffic hurtled towards me. I knew it was bad when I passed Rocket Joe's ( the disgusting pizza joint near our apartment) and it was CLOSED. I've never ever seen this place closed. It's usually open 24 hours and somehow, there's always somebody eating a slice of bland pizza or tough garlic knots inside. I can only imagine what my walk to school tomorrow morning will entail. Maybe the magical snow shoveling elves will be hard at work tonight? Dare I hope?

On a happier note, I hope everybody had a marvelous Christmas/Boxing Day/day off/long weekend etc and there was delicious food had by all! I know I certainly ate my way through the holiday. I see a few more gym trips in my near future!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I feel like a real New Yorker today...

So while Ami has abandoned me to be with her family in the 'burbs for the holidays (ugh. rude.) I am forced to entertain myself. Today's adventure included doing a very New York-y thing, something I have yet to experience in my five years of living here. Unbelivably, I don't possess a New York Public library card nor have I stepped foot in the Steven A. Schwarzman building (a building which, until about 3 hours ago I fully believed was simply called the Main Branch. It's not.) I trekked up to Bryant Park which I should have avoided considering it is the weekend before Christmas. Talk about tourists galore! I literally had to talk to myself to calm myself down and remind myself that I signed up for going to this part of town. Yes, you may call me crazy. Once I stepped foot inside the building I instantly understood why Carrie from Sex and the City tried to get married there. It is absolutely gorgeous. It didn't hurt that the entirely marble and old oak building with frescoed ceilings was decked out for the holidays either.

Though there were still too many tourists inside the building for my taste, I managed to navigate myself towards Library Card Services (well, I stopped at the help desk, but c'mon the building is HUGE!) Getting a card is easy-peasy. I brought my lease (I have tried this before and if you have an out of state ID then, you have to prove you're a New York City resident) but the man giving me my card didn't even ask to see it. Sweet! In about 5 minutes, I had my card and my handy-dandy key chain sized version. The next challenge quickly became to actually find books I wanted to read without looking like a buffoon. Somewhere in the back of my head, I remembered hearing this branch was awesome for research and resources, so I was a little hesitant as to whether they even had a fiction section. I refused to be that kid asking for fun books at a serious library. Luckily there are computers in pretty much every room that have access to the entire library system's database, where I learned that all the fun books were across the street in the Mid-Manhattan branch.

These two buildings are night and day! As gorgeous as the Steven A. Schwarzman building was, the Mid Manhattan was not. Also, there wasn't a tourist in sight in the far more utilitarian building. But fear not, the ugly book houses the fun books! I checked two out and can't wait to see what else I can obtain now that I feel as though I have a key to the city! Hopefully my brain will revert back from the current mush-state I feel it's at now and before you know it I can use all my new-found knowledge to win trivia! I guess that means I might need to read the un-fun books...

(edit: I should include that Ami left me a super awesome blossom "I'm sorry I'm abandoning you" (well, that's what I assume she meant) gift! A stocking filled with gummibaren, holiday Pez dispensers, Reese's Cups and an adorable snowman sippy cup. The pièce de résistance was the adorbz lobster card in which she wrote a note. So don't hate her too much for leaving me!)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Anxiety = All Time High.

I'm having major anxiety right now so I feel like I should post. It's also 11:11 so I just made a wish. We just returned from Trivia Night at our new local bar (Fontana's). We were hmm 2 of..8 people at the trivia. Pretty solid turnout. It was still pretty decent though! They had an HOUR of free beer and then had a SNOWBOARD giveaway (I did not win.) They also gave out shots for the most festive holiday team name (Note: White Morgan contributed nothing to a good name. So we did not win that either.) Was it racist of me to expect a good Christmas name from her? Yes. Either way, we didn't come in last so that's the silver lining to the day. We ALSO got free pizza at this place so it just may be worth returning to every Wednesday. You should all consider coming with us one week.

Yesterday I got to try the hot chocolate place Morgan dubbed numero uno and I have to admit, it was pretty good. They were decorating for Christmas so it was extra nice sitting there. I highly recommend it. We went to play in Best Buy after and honestly, it was a pretty ghetto Best Buy. Barely any of the electronics on display worked and I couldn't even use the turntables I wanted to play with. Bogus. We also went to Kate Spade. What a cute little store. I fell in love with multiple things that I feel like I NEED as a young adult. I just want a super organized planner/date book with detachable ruler. Ugh, so perfect for my life right now. (Brother, if you're reading PLEASE call Morgan and ask her what I want. I left her a list if you do actually call.) I also want a bracelet I can actually fit into-K.Spade didn't have these but I forgive her.

Morgan will probably be PISSED I wrote AGAIN and totally hijacked topics she was going to blog about but such is life. You snooze, you lose, RedHead. But just a warning, after tomorrow (at 5 PM) I will no longer have a laptop so this may be my last post for a little while. Eek!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Got the Spring Back In My Step

Today is a good day. Morgan (and you all, really) should be happy to know I found the family heirloom I lost. It fell into my drawer but there it was this morning! The heirloom is really just a bobby pin I stole from Ba BUT it was the best bobby pin I ever had. And now he's back.

This made me realize I wish I had a real family heirloom-now that I know I'm capable of caring for it, I think I should get one. Over Thanksgiving I got to see my GREAT Grandba. (Ba's mom) She's always been quite the little character and I was always her favorite because I would hang with her the most. She called me "My Ami" when she saw me and then barely recognized my cousins. Winner! She's apparently rockin' the social scene at the little nursing home she's in right now despite the fact that she doesn't speak English like ALL the others there. The nurses were also trying to set her up with some man there. Maybe I can improve my game by watching her. So cute. But I think my gameplan will be to ask HER for an heirloom-she must at the very least have bobby pins.

Over the weekend I got to see Jess AND Jane in the city. Jess commented on a recent post (props for being the FIRST to comment since the revival of the blog) so I feel obligated to mention her now. So that was your shoutout. But it was super getting to see them both. Toast to eating local.

Friday, December 10, 2010

This Is Basically a Teaser

I'm not going to post a full post right now because we're on our way out but I just HAD to write to inform you that I successfully scared Morgan half to death. Really, she was just digging around her room and I walked in to play DJ. I ended up oddly close to her and didn't know what to do with myself so as soon as she turned I screamed "Ahh!" It wasn't even loud or scary but Morgan stared at me, hesitated and then her face curled into a look of horror and she just screamed. Complete with her hands flying to her mouth. And since there was such a long delay between her spotting me and the scream, I started screaming because I thought someone was behind me. And then we laughed. I think I may have to start a prank war with her to keep life extra interesting. Hope you can take the heat like Lebron, Morgan.

More updates on our action packed weekend to come!

Why the US is better than everybody else. Or really just Canada

have you guys all been taking advantage of the 12 days of sharing at Starbucks this holiday season? there really are some great deals but you have to pay attention and act fast because they each exist for only one day. today's deal is 50% a box of their cranberry bliss bars. BUT if you live in Canada (suckers!) you only get 25% off! what's with that!? i think the nation as a whole should protest. it's just a thought. as ami pointed out to me, it's kind of a bizarre marketing campaign because what are we going to do come december 13th? as awesome as the red holiday cups are, i'm not sure they are enough to make us feel okay that the 12 days of sharing are over. howard schultz clearly needed to take a page out abcfamily's book because the genius of the 25 days of christmas movie marathon is unparalleled. don't even get me started on the magic of the countdown to the 25 days of christmas. freakin' awesome.

just in case the dynamic duo of starbucks and abcfamily isn't enough to get me in the holiday spirit, i've developed a horrendous habit this week. every day on my way home from class or work, i feel as though it's necessary to try a new spot for hot chocolate. i convince myself that it's simply too cold to walk without a warm beverage in my hand, but since my mittens are currently covered in gurgled up hot chocolate, i don't really know if that's the best recourse. it is, however, delicious. so, for all of you new yorkers out there, what follows is a poor man's hot chocolate survey of soho (mostly.)

1) vosges 132 Spring St
i tried the aztec (blended with cinnamon and chile powder i believe) which was delicious but a little part of me wanted a chaser of the regular to cool down my taste buds. while it was certainly a great way to wake up, this little cup of chocolate set me back $5.50 and made me want a snack. ami tried the original, and the only observation i could get from her was that her cup was cold by the time we got to the subway. i'm not sure her slow drinking skills can be considered a fault of the chocolate, so if you're dropping dollar dollar bills in soho at cole haan or want to see the kardashians at dash, vosges is worth a try. plus there's tons of free samples around the store, and they do have delicious chocolate!

2) paradis 114 4th Avenue
this hole in the wall gem is around the corner from the ballet school of the little girl i babysit. they also supply the school's cafe with unique and healthy salads that actually make me feel as though i don't eat sugar and butter all day long as school. so obviously, after dropping carrie (not her name, but it will do) off at home, i swung by the cafe for some hot chocolate. okay and a chocolate chip cookie, but don't judge! this hot chocolate was de-lish-ious! it was just what i needed to keep me plugging along with my errands. the barista asked me if it was okay if he crafted my drink with whole milk (of course! i mean, at this point i'm drinking liquid chocolate, so i can't really pretend to be healthy.) the drink was the perfect temperature and just the right amount of richness without being too cloying.

3) financier patisserie 2 Astor Place (though they have other locations)
this location used to be cold stone creamery and the soup man, so obviously there was a lot of pressure to live up to. this cup of hot chocolate was a little too rich (if i was being picky) for my taste and when you order the small, especially prone to splashing around and out of the lid. the problem was so severe that hours later i noticed a spot on my nose. i know, low point. other than that defect, which could potentially be avoided with the purchase of a medium, it was a relatively satisfying afternoon pick-me-up.

4) panade 129 Eldridge St (or maybe across the street...they just moved and i'm not sure if this is their current address)
their new location is fabulous with an open airy feel and actual seating! their sandwiches sound delicious, but their hot chocolate was severely lacking. i'm going to chalk that up to a clearly new employee and the stressful move, and will definitely try it again, but this hot chocolate should have been called lukewarm chocolate made with water. Though it was only $2.50, I would prefer paying a bit more for some milk.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

This Post Makes Me Sound Like a Peta-file.

You know when you pass a petstore window and you just HAVE to go watch the cute little puppies play (you obviously skip the window if it has cats)? Well I found myself doing that on the walk to work today..except to the window of a preschool. Yes, I am a creep. The little kids are just so cute in their winter gear! Boss lives in Family Land so it's hard to walk around the area without laughing at the amusing little children.

Speaking of amusing. I looked through all the labels we put on our posts and the ONLY ones we used more than once (we used them twice each) were: 'adorbsies', 'trivia' and 'milkshakes'. How typical.

Morgan referenced our little neighbors, Jimmie and Jennifer, in her post but they really deserve another mention. At first I thought they were rather cute and Jimmie would always talk to me/was always excited to see me so I liked him. But then the little bugger would ask me my name EVERY single time we'd chat as if he didn't remember who I was. Psh. Come on, kid. Work on that memory. I talked to him for 15 minutes once! Never again. I almost gave Jennifer the prize from my happy meal the other day because I assumed it would be lame but when I realized it was a Sanrio watch I kept it for myself. Shame on me for doubting the happy meal prize. It has a timer and actually fits because I have children size wrists. Baller! You should all get them so we can match and compare characters. I think they only have them for another week or so, so you all shan't waste time!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

oh the weather outside is frightful!

big news. it's winter here. i'm not sure i like it much considering our apartment is freezing. let me correct myself. my ROOM is freezing. there is no heat in my room. now i don't mean that the heat chooses not to work; i mean that there is not anything in my room from which heat can emit. not only that, but my bed is along the exterior wall. the rest of the year, this fact is great. it means i have access to not one, but TWO windows for super fresh air (read, fish stanky, chinatown air) but the breeze is alway nice. fast forward to mid-december, and that "fresh" air equates with a legitimate draft gusting in around my outlet and the windows. of course, i haven't gotten around to buying a space heater and heck, for all i know, that would set my building on fire but now my room is ice ice cold. vanilla ice style. as if i wasn't struggling enough as it is to get out of bed in the morning for a grueling day in class at culinary school, now i have to persuade myself to jump out of bed and literally do jumping jacks to get my blood flowing and thaw the icicles hanging from my nose. okay, maybe that's an exaggeration but i think you understand the trauma through which i persevere.

imagine my shock this morning after i fully bustled up (earmuffs, scarf, mittens, leggings and ski would think i was heading out into the siberian tundra) headed down the stairs, and was walking through the park on my route to school when i saw dear jimmie and jennifer (the chinese neighbor kids who scream/wail far more than any children i've ever witnessed) out in the park with their grandma ( i think...we're still trying to figure out the family dynamic) doing jujitsu in the abandoned tennis court with all the other seniors. why oh WHY would you be out of bed and OUTSIDE when it's so cold?! it doesn't seem safe, or sane, for these children to be frolicking in the park at 7:45 am. i think we need to sit down with grandma and inform her of the hazards of frostbite.

on another note, i'm thinking of retiring my beloved earmuffs for a hat like this:


(edit: i know the photo didn't originally work, so i just through in a link. plus the male model is pretty much a real life Zoolander. Enjoy!)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh Hey There Real World.

So it's been quite some time since we last updated you all on our lives. I guess a lot has happened in the past year and a half so I will try to summarize the KEY points.

1. Senior year of college started
2. We never won any trivia nights (bummer.)
3. Kanye began Tweeting.
4. We graduated and began adult lives
5. Morgan and I moved to our swanky new hood
6. I decided to leave Boss and am now on day ONE of my 'two weeks notice' (I'm praying these next two weeks FLY)
7. Unridiculous came back in full force.

That basically covers the basics of all of 2010. I don't understand WHERE this year really went but I'm glad time is going quickly. I'm working from home today (shocker) while Morgan is off at school hopefully baking me up some sweet treats. WHICH reminds me. Last week I took a baking class at Butterlane (my favorite bakery which you should all try/gift me). They had an icing competition amongst the class and... I WON. I am clearly a master of many talents and I can now add Master Icer to my list of invaluable skills. I had to pose with some cow wall decor they had to show off my cupcake/bag I won. Part of me thinks they picked me because I'd add a splash of diversity to the brochure they want to use the pictures for. But whatever. I still won the pride and glory. I then had a dozen cupcakes to feast upon with Morgz and we ate a pretty disgusting amount in just two days (eating unridiculous amounts of dessert is ANOTHER skill we both share).

Well that is all for now, children. You will see LOADS of posts from us soon so check back often. You will like what you see.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

and we're baaaaack!

so after a mere year and three months(ish) team unridiculous decided sometime in the wee hours of last night to bring the blog back. we've received more than one (shockingly!) request to keep the tradition alive and we certainly don't want to disappoint our fans, right? if for no other reason that some days i feel as though my brain is rotting into disrepair due to my new chosen profession (more on that later) and i clearly need to practice the english language beyond texts and e-mails, i've agreed to participate.

a lot has changed in the past year or so, ami and i have entered the real world. that's right, we graduated college (oh my!) moved into a legit, mouse-infested, superintendent-free, lower east side apartment, and started that ever so important next step. for me, that means culinary school on the pastry track (yes, that's right, i cook all day) and for ami that means, well, multiple things. she originally set off with a full time offer from the job she worked part time through the last 2 and half years of her time at college and just recently accepted an offer to work at a real, big girl job with an office and everything! so alas, no more "boss" stories for her! she starts in january so i expect lots of new, entertaining job stories that will rival and beat the glory of her former boss stories.

our lives continue to be a little unridiculous and we hope you will begin to return to this blog more often and enjoy hearing of our escapades! we know they certainly entertain us!