Sunday, December 5, 2010

and we're baaaaack!

so after a mere year and three months(ish) team unridiculous decided sometime in the wee hours of last night to bring the blog back. we've received more than one (shockingly!) request to keep the tradition alive and we certainly don't want to disappoint our fans, right? if for no other reason that some days i feel as though my brain is rotting into disrepair due to my new chosen profession (more on that later) and i clearly need to practice the english language beyond texts and e-mails, i've agreed to participate.

a lot has changed in the past year or so, ami and i have entered the real world. that's right, we graduated college (oh my!) moved into a legit, mouse-infested, superintendent-free, lower east side apartment, and started that ever so important next step. for me, that means culinary school on the pastry track (yes, that's right, i cook all day) and for ami that means, well, multiple things. she originally set off with a full time offer from the job she worked part time through the last 2 and half years of her time at college and just recently accepted an offer to work at a real, big girl job with an office and everything! so alas, no more "boss" stories for her! she starts in january so i expect lots of new, entertaining job stories that will rival and beat the glory of her former boss stories.

our lives continue to be a little unridiculous and we hope you will begin to return to this blog more often and enjoy hearing of our escapades! we know they certainly entertain us!

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