Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Anxiety = All Time High.

I'm having major anxiety right now so I feel like I should post. It's also 11:11 so I just made a wish. We just returned from Trivia Night at our new local bar (Fontana's). We were hmm 2 of..8 people at the trivia. Pretty solid turnout. It was still pretty decent though! They had an HOUR of free beer and then had a SNOWBOARD giveaway (I did not win.) They also gave out shots for the most festive holiday team name (Note: White Morgan contributed nothing to a good name. So we did not win that either.) Was it racist of me to expect a good Christmas name from her? Yes. Either way, we didn't come in last so that's the silver lining to the day. We ALSO got free pizza at this place so it just may be worth returning to every Wednesday. You should all consider coming with us one week.

Yesterday I got to try the hot chocolate place Morgan dubbed numero uno and I have to admit, it was pretty good. They were decorating for Christmas so it was extra nice sitting there. I highly recommend it. We went to play in Best Buy after and honestly, it was a pretty ghetto Best Buy. Barely any of the electronics on display worked and I couldn't even use the turntables I wanted to play with. Bogus. We also went to Kate Spade. What a cute little store. I fell in love with multiple things that I feel like I NEED as a young adult. I just want a super organized planner/date book with detachable ruler. Ugh, so perfect for my life right now. (Brother, if you're reading PLEASE call Morgan and ask her what I want. I left her a list if you do actually call.) I also want a bracelet I can actually fit into-K.Spade didn't have these but I forgive her.

Morgan will probably be PISSED I wrote AGAIN and totally hijacked topics she was going to blog about but such is life. You snooze, you lose, RedHead. But just a warning, after tomorrow (at 5 PM) I will no longer have a laptop so this may be my last post for a little while. Eek!

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