Monday, December 27, 2010

dude. where's my car?

So, in case you live in Timbuktu and you don't pay attention to the news, the Eastern Seaboard has been hit with some snow. As beautiful as it was to experience a winter wonderland at home in the comfort of my own home, NYC + snow = disaster. My bus to return tonight was cancelled yesterday, and luckily my father had the foresight to buy a train ticket right away. The train actually got me into the city drama free, though it was sold out, as was every other train leaving Boston today. I'm pretty sure it was the safest route too, so props to pops for that call. I have a friend stranded in Michigan until Friday, so as much as it sucks to have to come back for three measly days of classes, I feel fortunate I could get back.

I had seen other peoples' photos of the dramatic snowstorm, but I still wasn't emotionally (or physically...tomorrow I must buy real winter boots) prepared to emerge from the subway to this. The snow drifts at the corners of streets are at least 4 feet tall with NO pathway shoveled. I think we can all imagine how graceful I looked hiking those peaks in my white wool coat and leather boots, while oncoming traffic hurtled towards me. I knew it was bad when I passed Rocket Joe's ( the disgusting pizza joint near our apartment) and it was CLOSED. I've never ever seen this place closed. It's usually open 24 hours and somehow, there's always somebody eating a slice of bland pizza or tough garlic knots inside. I can only imagine what my walk to school tomorrow morning will entail. Maybe the magical snow shoveling elves will be hard at work tonight? Dare I hope?

On a happier note, I hope everybody had a marvelous Christmas/Boxing Day/day off/long weekend etc and there was delicious food had by all! I know I certainly ate my way through the holiday. I see a few more gym trips in my near future!

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