Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Got the Spring Back In My Step

Today is a good day. Morgan (and you all, really) should be happy to know I found the family heirloom I lost. It fell into my drawer but there it was this morning! The heirloom is really just a bobby pin I stole from Ba BUT it was the best bobby pin I ever had. And now he's back.

This made me realize I wish I had a real family heirloom-now that I know I'm capable of caring for it, I think I should get one. Over Thanksgiving I got to see my GREAT Grandba. (Ba's mom) She's always been quite the little character and I was always her favorite because I would hang with her the most. She called me "My Ami" when she saw me and then barely recognized my cousins. Winner! She's apparently rockin' the social scene at the little nursing home she's in right now despite the fact that she doesn't speak English like ALL the others there. The nurses were also trying to set her up with some man there. Maybe I can improve my game by watching her. So cute. But I think my gameplan will be to ask HER for an heirloom-she must at the very least have bobby pins.

Over the weekend I got to see Jess AND Jane in the city. Jess commented on a recent post (props for being the FIRST to comment since the revival of the blog) so I feel obligated to mention her now. So that was your shoutout. But it was super getting to see them both. Toast to eating local.

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