Saturday, December 18, 2010

I feel like a real New Yorker today...

So while Ami has abandoned me to be with her family in the 'burbs for the holidays (ugh. rude.) I am forced to entertain myself. Today's adventure included doing a very New York-y thing, something I have yet to experience in my five years of living here. Unbelivably, I don't possess a New York Public library card nor have I stepped foot in the Steven A. Schwarzman building (a building which, until about 3 hours ago I fully believed was simply called the Main Branch. It's not.) I trekked up to Bryant Park which I should have avoided considering it is the weekend before Christmas. Talk about tourists galore! I literally had to talk to myself to calm myself down and remind myself that I signed up for going to this part of town. Yes, you may call me crazy. Once I stepped foot inside the building I instantly understood why Carrie from Sex and the City tried to get married there. It is absolutely gorgeous. It didn't hurt that the entirely marble and old oak building with frescoed ceilings was decked out for the holidays either.

Though there were still too many tourists inside the building for my taste, I managed to navigate myself towards Library Card Services (well, I stopped at the help desk, but c'mon the building is HUGE!) Getting a card is easy-peasy. I brought my lease (I have tried this before and if you have an out of state ID then, you have to prove you're a New York City resident) but the man giving me my card didn't even ask to see it. Sweet! In about 5 minutes, I had my card and my handy-dandy key chain sized version. The next challenge quickly became to actually find books I wanted to read without looking like a buffoon. Somewhere in the back of my head, I remembered hearing this branch was awesome for research and resources, so I was a little hesitant as to whether they even had a fiction section. I refused to be that kid asking for fun books at a serious library. Luckily there are computers in pretty much every room that have access to the entire library system's database, where I learned that all the fun books were across the street in the Mid-Manhattan branch.

These two buildings are night and day! As gorgeous as the Steven A. Schwarzman building was, the Mid Manhattan was not. Also, there wasn't a tourist in sight in the far more utilitarian building. But fear not, the ugly book houses the fun books! I checked two out and can't wait to see what else I can obtain now that I feel as though I have a key to the city! Hopefully my brain will revert back from the current mush-state I feel it's at now and before you know it I can use all my new-found knowledge to win trivia! I guess that means I might need to read the un-fun books...

(edit: I should include that Ami left me a super awesome blossom "I'm sorry I'm abandoning you" (well, that's what I assume she meant) gift! A stocking filled with gummibaren, holiday Pez dispensers, Reese's Cups and an adorable snowman sippy cup. The pièce de résistance was the adorbz lobster card in which she wrote a note. So don't hate her too much for leaving me!)

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  1. I am SO happy unrediculous is up and running again, I can't believe I didn't realize it! Nice job, ladies.