Wednesday, December 8, 2010

oh the weather outside is frightful!

big news. it's winter here. i'm not sure i like it much considering our apartment is freezing. let me correct myself. my ROOM is freezing. there is no heat in my room. now i don't mean that the heat chooses not to work; i mean that there is not anything in my room from which heat can emit. not only that, but my bed is along the exterior wall. the rest of the year, this fact is great. it means i have access to not one, but TWO windows for super fresh air (read, fish stanky, chinatown air) but the breeze is alway nice. fast forward to mid-december, and that "fresh" air equates with a legitimate draft gusting in around my outlet and the windows. of course, i haven't gotten around to buying a space heater and heck, for all i know, that would set my building on fire but now my room is ice ice cold. vanilla ice style. as if i wasn't struggling enough as it is to get out of bed in the morning for a grueling day in class at culinary school, now i have to persuade myself to jump out of bed and literally do jumping jacks to get my blood flowing and thaw the icicles hanging from my nose. okay, maybe that's an exaggeration but i think you understand the trauma through which i persevere.

imagine my shock this morning after i fully bustled up (earmuffs, scarf, mittens, leggings and ski would think i was heading out into the siberian tundra) headed down the stairs, and was walking through the park on my route to school when i saw dear jimmie and jennifer (the chinese neighbor kids who scream/wail far more than any children i've ever witnessed) out in the park with their grandma ( i think...we're still trying to figure out the family dynamic) doing jujitsu in the abandoned tennis court with all the other seniors. why oh WHY would you be out of bed and OUTSIDE when it's so cold?! it doesn't seem safe, or sane, for these children to be frolicking in the park at 7:45 am. i think we need to sit down with grandma and inform her of the hazards of frostbite.

on another note, i'm thinking of retiring my beloved earmuffs for a hat like this:


(edit: i know the photo didn't originally work, so i just through in a link. plus the male model is pretty much a real life Zoolander. Enjoy!)

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  1. <3 stanky chinatown air.

    also i can't see that pic or else i would give you an opinion...repost!