Thursday, December 9, 2010

This Post Makes Me Sound Like a Peta-file.

You know when you pass a petstore window and you just HAVE to go watch the cute little puppies play (you obviously skip the window if it has cats)? Well I found myself doing that on the walk to work today..except to the window of a preschool. Yes, I am a creep. The little kids are just so cute in their winter gear! Boss lives in Family Land so it's hard to walk around the area without laughing at the amusing little children.

Speaking of amusing. I looked through all the labels we put on our posts and the ONLY ones we used more than once (we used them twice each) were: 'adorbsies', 'trivia' and 'milkshakes'. How typical.

Morgan referenced our little neighbors, Jimmie and Jennifer, in her post but they really deserve another mention. At first I thought they were rather cute and Jimmie would always talk to me/was always excited to see me so I liked him. But then the little bugger would ask me my name EVERY single time we'd chat as if he didn't remember who I was. Psh. Come on, kid. Work on that memory. I talked to him for 15 minutes once! Never again. I almost gave Jennifer the prize from my happy meal the other day because I assumed it would be lame but when I realized it was a Sanrio watch I kept it for myself. Shame on me for doubting the happy meal prize. It has a timer and actually fits because I have children size wrists. Baller! You should all get them so we can match and compare characters. I think they only have them for another week or so, so you all shan't waste time!

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