Friday, December 10, 2010

Why the US is better than everybody else. Or really just Canada

have you guys all been taking advantage of the 12 days of sharing at Starbucks this holiday season? there really are some great deals but you have to pay attention and act fast because they each exist for only one day. today's deal is 50% a box of their cranberry bliss bars. BUT if you live in Canada (suckers!) you only get 25% off! what's with that!? i think the nation as a whole should protest. it's just a thought. as ami pointed out to me, it's kind of a bizarre marketing campaign because what are we going to do come december 13th? as awesome as the red holiday cups are, i'm not sure they are enough to make us feel okay that the 12 days of sharing are over. howard schultz clearly needed to take a page out abcfamily's book because the genius of the 25 days of christmas movie marathon is unparalleled. don't even get me started on the magic of the countdown to the 25 days of christmas. freakin' awesome.

just in case the dynamic duo of starbucks and abcfamily isn't enough to get me in the holiday spirit, i've developed a horrendous habit this week. every day on my way home from class or work, i feel as though it's necessary to try a new spot for hot chocolate. i convince myself that it's simply too cold to walk without a warm beverage in my hand, but since my mittens are currently covered in gurgled up hot chocolate, i don't really know if that's the best recourse. it is, however, delicious. so, for all of you new yorkers out there, what follows is a poor man's hot chocolate survey of soho (mostly.)

1) vosges 132 Spring St
i tried the aztec (blended with cinnamon and chile powder i believe) which was delicious but a little part of me wanted a chaser of the regular to cool down my taste buds. while it was certainly a great way to wake up, this little cup of chocolate set me back $5.50 and made me want a snack. ami tried the original, and the only observation i could get from her was that her cup was cold by the time we got to the subway. i'm not sure her slow drinking skills can be considered a fault of the chocolate, so if you're dropping dollar dollar bills in soho at cole haan or want to see the kardashians at dash, vosges is worth a try. plus there's tons of free samples around the store, and they do have delicious chocolate!

2) paradis 114 4th Avenue
this hole in the wall gem is around the corner from the ballet school of the little girl i babysit. they also supply the school's cafe with unique and healthy salads that actually make me feel as though i don't eat sugar and butter all day long as school. so obviously, after dropping carrie (not her name, but it will do) off at home, i swung by the cafe for some hot chocolate. okay and a chocolate chip cookie, but don't judge! this hot chocolate was de-lish-ious! it was just what i needed to keep me plugging along with my errands. the barista asked me if it was okay if he crafted my drink with whole milk (of course! i mean, at this point i'm drinking liquid chocolate, so i can't really pretend to be healthy.) the drink was the perfect temperature and just the right amount of richness without being too cloying.

3) financier patisserie 2 Astor Place (though they have other locations)
this location used to be cold stone creamery and the soup man, so obviously there was a lot of pressure to live up to. this cup of hot chocolate was a little too rich (if i was being picky) for my taste and when you order the small, especially prone to splashing around and out of the lid. the problem was so severe that hours later i noticed a spot on my nose. i know, low point. other than that defect, which could potentially be avoided with the purchase of a medium, it was a relatively satisfying afternoon pick-me-up.

4) panade 129 Eldridge St (or maybe across the street...they just moved and i'm not sure if this is their current address)
their new location is fabulous with an open airy feel and actual seating! their sandwiches sound delicious, but their hot chocolate was severely lacking. i'm going to chalk that up to a clearly new employee and the stressful move, and will definitely try it again, but this hot chocolate should have been called lukewarm chocolate made with water. Though it was only $2.50, I would prefer paying a bit more for some milk.


  1. loved this post altho i doubt i'll have a chance to go to any of those spots you mentioned. also why did you tag "corporate america" to this post?

    do more reviews! they're fun to read and pretend i'll actually go try them out!

  2. MEB..... you are positively hilarious! just thought I would let you know.... I read and I miss! keep it real out there girlfriend!