Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oh Hey

So we’ve officially been slacking on this blog. This is partially because we’ve been having very productive, social weeks and partially because I now refuse to bring my laptop home from work. And on the rare occasions I crack and bring it home, our shoddy internet really ruins lives.

A few weeks ago we took a little field trip down to Philadelphia to visit some of our dearest friends. We felt like we were in Europe while there. It felt like being in Brussels actually because we spent most of our time wandering around aimlessly yet we managed to see all the sights that Morgan 2.0 recommended. Morgan 2.0 was the best. I got to spend quality time with Jose which was nice. (That is your shoutout and all I have to say about you.) We also got to see our friend in his improv show which as baller status.

As Morgan mentioned, we went to CRAFTERNOON last weekend. Wonderful. Just Wonderful. I understand crafting is supposed to be relaxing and joyful but it sometimes just gives me mass anxiety. This was probably amplified by the fact that I woke up Saturday morning (morning of Crafternoon) to be informed that they would only allow 90 people and the doors open at 1:45. It was already 12. We rallied to actually get up, get ready, stop for coffee to cure the alcohol headaches and then took an AWFULLY smelly subway up to the New York Public Library. We frantically walked around, asked for help and finally we found the Martha Stewart sign on the second floor. And three people in line. We ended up having to sit at a table with this old chatterbox that was crafting some very interesting pieces. She wouldn’t cut any of her own designs; instead she’d ask to use our ‘trash’. She MEANT scraps, but at first I didn’t understand and started shoving my candy wrappers toward her. We also only had two hours so I also felt rushed due to time constraints. But all in all, it was an entertainingly fantastic way to spend our Saturday afternoon.

I also want to publically shame Morgan now for throwing me under the bus (MULTIPLE times in one night-but I’ll focus on what matters). Let me paint you a picture. We were out last Wednesday at Pianos and I was trying to be a good person and inform some new friends about CYCLONE Yasi. (Which I accidently kept calling Yani because I just wasn’t able to think of the proper name at the time. This already had people making fun of me.) No one believed Yani was happening/as big of a deal as I was making it but I wasn’t able to drop it. Someone jokingly says, “Maybe you should blog about it.” I fess up and admit that I do, indeed, have a blog. Everyone laughs AT me. Not with me, team. And guess who just laughed along with them? You guessed it.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Whoops. I guess it's been a month since our last post. Those January doldrums (aka the never-ending mountains of snow and canyons of slush) really brought me down. I can't say I will miss this winter much. Carrying on with my goal to do more New York-y things, Ami and I tried Yoga to the People for the first time tonight. She may have had to bully me a little into going since I would have liked to stay lazy but I'm glad we joined the rest of the mostly NYU (with a sprinkling of Columbia) students intermingled with emaciated model-types whose bones popped out far too much to be okay. On the whole though, I enjoyed the class. The pace was awfully fast, and I clearly needed to brush up on my yoga terms prior to going, but a quick scan around the room helped me figure out exactly what anjaneyasana meant (the half moon pose/stretch?)

The elevated ceilings, exposed brick and soothing music all lead to a very zen feeling. Until we had to hold a pose for more than 5 seconds and my limbs started to wobble and and my breathing faltered. The nap at the end was a little short for my taste but they did have lovely Tibetan singing bowls that really resonated throughout the room. My new goal is to join in twice a week and actually manage to inhale and exhale properly considering breathing is the main point in yoga. In order to facilitate this I need to actually buy a yoga mat. Borrowing one of the communal mats is on a regular basis is just a little too smelly for me. And now I'll have a more legitimate excuse to buy cute yoga clothes, right?

We definitely need to post more often because we've been trying to do lots of funtivities and lately, actually succeeding at it. One word to get you to check back: crafternoon.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Molten Chocolate Lave Cake

2011 is off to a fantastic start. New job, new laptop, new blog post. But best off all, I now have the ultimate BEST connection to have in all of NYC. While out for a quick drink the other night, the craving for a molten chocolate lava cake hit. After deciding we would have to go to Chikalicious, I decided I should call first to confirm 1) that they were open and 2) that they actually still HAD lava cakes. (Earlier in the week I had made the terrible mistake of convincing a large group of friends to go only to find they were sold out of all the good dishes, but whatever. I forgive you Chikalicious.)

So I call while at the bar and ask him if they still have any. He tells me they probably do and then offers to check for me and says he will call me back. I figure he's like most food service people and will say probably and not REALLY check. But a minute later he calls back asking how many I would like to make sure. I attempt to let him know but the bar is loud and he can't hear. He hangs up. I figure he's probably annoyed. Not good. I go outside and call him back to apologize and not only is he SUPER nice, he goes above and beyond and offers to put them on hold for me. While on the phone I ALSO get a text from him saying "How many should I save for you? -Chikalicous." After hanging up I get, "2 lava cakes under the name "Amy". (I will forgive him for the typo) We will bake upon your arrival. Thank you!!!!!-Chikalicious." I text him back to thank him and he responds with a polite little, "You bet!". I was quite impressed by how nice this guy was and I now have even MORE love for Chikalicious. While walking to Chikalicious I got concerned that I had actually called the wrong number and some random was playing a prank on me because I was texting this guy's personal cell phone. (This is a prank I would probably consider doing if I ever got a call from some fatass calling to double check she could get two molten chocolate lava cakes at 11pm.) But no worries, it was totally legit. To top it off, the people that ordered after us in line wanted lava cakes and they were sold out! Ultimate winner. I was trying to figure out exactly which one I was on the phone with but it's still a bit of a mystery-all the more reason to text in my order again!

I urge you all to go there to try one and if you'd like me to request one to have ready upon arrival, you just shoot me a text. Props, Chikalicious. You get two thumbs up. Best. Connection. Ever.